Jumat, 07 Juli 2017

This is embarassing, but gold.

I know, I can't sing. The harmony is also horrible. But this performance, right here, is the epitome of my last years in high school in Indonesia before I eventually left. It's influential to my teenage life and I'm not even being dramatic even though it sounds like it. (Hahaha, still too dramatic tho)

A little story :
I have always been the outcast of my class due to my general awkwardness in social situation and the difficulty of finding someone who likes the topics I'm also interested to talk about. Also, my ability in English was not helping because people think I'm one of those elite people who discriminates against people less fortunate that her. I'm not. I'm just hella awkward and shy. So, for two years, I had always sat alone and only talked to people when I really had to.
Then a new girl came to our class (the girl on the right). She had to sit in the same desk as I was so we quickly became deskmates. She also knew stuff that others did not and we had similar interests, so we quickly became friends. Suddenly people surrounded my desk because of her presence. Because of her, I started to gain more confidence in talking to other people. She was also the one who introduced me to anime, one of them was Your Lie in April.
During a practical exam for my Indonesian class, we had to make a musicalised poetry. Because she and the guy (one with the guitar)  are major Otakus, we based the melody of the song on the intro song of the second season of YLIA. We modified the lyrics and the poetry into something about saying goodbye to your highschool friends because we are graduating and will enter college soon (basically our situation atm)
To our surprise, the whole class loved the song. They sorta made it into "our graduation song". Then I was  finally fully integrated into that part of 'us' that I never once was.
During the practical exam of art and culture, we sang the song in groups after taking over the stage, to the teachers' surprises. We even won an award for the most entitative class hahahaha (those were good times man).
The girl and I had never intended the song to be applied to real life situation that  actually matched the song lyrics. So I was quite proud to be a part of that even though I can't sing for shit. That was my first step of recovery from low self confidence and isolation, and it's actually very amusing how this simple, plagiarised song became something that brought us together. I was no longer "that elite girl who can't talk in public" but I became "that girl who made 'our' song with the other girl".
It's great to be a part of something influential. Especially that you managed to "control" the mass with a song that you're a part of. I loved high school man.

Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

Ratoh Duek Dance (From Indonesian Day 2017)

Ratoh Duek posted here is a variant of Saman dance (I guess? just with two males) performed during Indonesian day and dinner 2017 last May. I'm posting it here because I love the choreography so much and that accompanying song is forever stuck in my head. For the full version of all performances, check out my previous post titled "Indonesian Day full performances"

Credits goes to PPI Groningen

Jumat, 09 Juni 2017


I am a privileged young woman.
I have lived in comfort most of life in which I always get more than I deserve
But what comforts me was not wealth, nor residing under a waterproof roof,
Nor being driven across the city in a red Mazda 2, nor to have enough balance to purchase something I long for.
It's family. And I have taken myself 12000 km away from my own comforts

I am mad enough to leave my lifelong comfort in trade for such uncertainty, blinded by naive dreams of becoming a researcher.
I am mad enough to leave my most cherished thing in life for such glorified hardship, unaware of how far can it changes me

However, this hardship is not a hardship. For I am a privileged young woman.
And I don't deserve to feel sad. I am not entitled to make complaints.
I do not recognise what hardship is, thus how can I say more about it?


I was raised as a studious Swann in a controlled environment,
Now thrown into a cage of wolves that this world is always like
I am too soft to be living, too fragile to be assertive
Too spoiled in an independent world, disgustingly mellow and dependent

I have been low for 5 months and my failures are not helping me.
I am a shame, a disgrace, worth nothing more than a token 18-year old Indonesian

What I've been feeling is vividly real and yet my problems are not.

I have a cowardly mentality
I have a weakened will
Everyone else has it worse than I do
I am not trying hard enough
I am one ungrateful bitch

It's all in my head


Minggu, 04 Juni 2017

Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

Awesome 4-hands piano arrangement

This is the four seasons complete movements. These two did a great job, I think you should check it out!

Minggu, 21 Mei 2017

Other rehearsed songs, actual performances and fellow angklung players

So these are the other songs we performed for Indonesian Day 2017. These are not the actual performance but is the rehearsal the day before the event.

Songs are Jessie J - Flashlight and Nat King Cole - L.O.V.E

Regarding the actual performance during the event, I only found a video that's very short. 


But hey, my hair was nice

And we, as angklung players, are very cohesive as a group


I was elated that we did it and I'm thankful that we ever met! 😀 (gak full team :(, unfortunately)

Indonesian Day 2017- Medley (full version)

When we were performing this song yesterday, we stopped midway because people were singing along and we got confused so we ended up singing along instead  in case anyone is curious how the medley sounds like in Angklung only, this is the video. The playing was not perfect because we were still in rehearsal in this video. Even we had somebody taking over because one of the player didn't come (The most right next to me).
Enjoy the epic messiness 
The song is a medley of regional Indonesian songs from Maluku island : Nona Manis- Ayo mama- Rasa Sayange