Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Some notable dialogues on Never Happen book

1. Elle : I hesitate to ariculate in fear, I may deviate upon the highest degree of accuracy....

2. Kyle : Did you scream?

Gen : no, the attcker did.

3. Gen : Well, sir, as you see. I'm not really good at counting. You will get 5 minutes of silence once you asked me how much 6 times 4 is...

Principal : and how much is that exactly?

Gen : uuh,...

(after long silence)

Gen : Is it 64?

4 Kyle : What will we do,now?

Elle : I'll test your Instinct skill
Jane : Hooray!
Kyle : Where we will go?
Elle : (to the driver) I want to get off here,thanks
Jane : Oxford? are we going to do study challange? NOOO!!!
Kyle : yes!!
Elle : No,but we are going to do....(stop walking)
Elle : Hedge maze challange (stand in front of the enter door) No cheating! No map!
Jane : Horraay!!!
Kyle : NOOO!!! You kill me!
Elle : good luck!

5. Gen : What a wonderful world....