Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Requiem For a dream

Hey guys..
One day, I accidentally found this movie called 'Requiem For a dream'
It's a drug movie, and it's not for someone under 18 years old...
And I urge myself to not to see that movie, because, it contains way many nudity and..."dark" stuff
I saw the review of this movie and they said that this is the most depressing movie ever, even Jared Leto says (Who portrays Harry) that this movie, is a horror movie...which is making me, don't wanna see this movie, untill my 18th birthday!

okay, so this is the movie poster :

and this is the soundtrack :

Okay, Since I'm not 18 years old yet, I don't post the clip of it and I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU GUYS THAT ARE UNDER 18 TO NOT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. Unless you're mature....or ready to have your mental dropped a little bit...

Oh, you're asking of how I found this movie? uhm, well,..I was doing a research of this guy named Jared Leto, and Ta-Da! I found this movie...What? Oh yes, That guy is on my list...

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