Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Short-documentary 'movie' I made : TVOH

Hey reader(s)!
The ICT task of pinnacle really drives me crazy, because pak syafi' told me that it had to be a at least 30 minutes-long video!

Really, 30 minutes? what should I do in 30 minutes?

And then, comes up this idea : the vlog of haphazard.

Yess..as you can see in the title "TVOH" is the abbreviation of The Vlog Of Haphazard

And this is a kind of, short-documentary movie (video) of how I goof around...(Just like 'a big package for you, hihihi...')

And how geje things happened in my video...(*SPOILER ALERT* espescially in the 'commercial break')

And that's it,...I don't even know who will gonna watch this anyway, but I'll just, share this with you.

Here's part one :

Well, I haven't upload the second part, and I'll update this post when I'm done with the part two (it took so long to upload this -,-)
ok, so that's all for now, byee

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