Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Simple Plan-Save you Review!

Hey guys!
Another review of a music video, called Save you from one of my favourite band, Simple Plan.
So, here it is!

Well, you can see the lyrics on my older post....
Review :
First of all, When I first heard about what this song is all about, I was thinking, Oh, it's gonna be in 'depressing' tone like Untitled, but, noo....my guess was just wrong!

I like how Pierre trying to hide his feelings by using the pop-rock music and cheery tone, but in the lyrics, we know that he's...that he's honest.

I know, this video is all about the cancer survivor, and they also provide a foundation (simple plan foundation) for those who are not YET survive the cancer. And Pierre, the lead vocalist, was inspired to write this song because of his brother, Jay bouvier, which is a cancer survivor too (he's the tall guy beside pierre)

I Like the concept when the cancer survivor are lying on the floor, but soon, they rise and helping each other while the music keep on playing. This song, and of course the video tells us the truth.

I like it. That's all.

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