Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

A song for you

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I ask myself what was just happened?
Why did this ever happen to me?
Oh, I started to mess up with this song
I don't even know why I call this a 'song', anyway
I don't even know the tones I should make,

Then the frustation come to me
Then this feeling's bothering me
 And This doesn't matter because all I think about is you!

*Yes,'You' can stands for a guy
And 'You' can stands for an annoying person
And 'You' can stands for a friend that I have-or had
Even 'You' can stands for an organization
But, I don't want to tell what 'you' stands for
Because if I do that,
You wouldn't realize that I make this 'song' for you!*

Then you start to ask yourself
"Am I the person that you're talking about?"
No, It really depends on yourself
Depends on a great reason such as
"Have you ever meet me or not?"

Oh, This 'song' is driving me crazy
I'm not talented and I'm not perfect
But as you know, Nobody's perfect
Well, I'm nobody, So I think
You can conclude it by yourself

 (*) 2x

It's glad to finally put this 'song' to an end
Because honestly, I can't find any better words
To describe my relationship with you,
But at least I've tried
To make a song for you

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