Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Simple Plan One day parody

This isn't really a parody actually,
Just a re-arranging of a song called one day by simple plan
Here's the song if you don't know :

Here is the 'Parody' lyrics

Sometimes this school's feels like a prison
That I just can't leave behind
There's too many rules I gotta follow
And you can't let go

*I don't wanna hear it
And I just can't believe it
All the stupid doctrines they say, but

Chorus :
One day
I won't take this anymore
One day
I'll graduate
And do, and do, and do, what I want to
And I won't have to runaway, anymore
And they won't be there to say I'm not allowed to
One day

Sometimes I wonder, why you bound us
To think so free
So tell me are you on a mission
to brainwashed me

Chorus 1x

Go away
Don't look at me
Because we're not the same
And you can't do nothing

You can say
That I must serve to you
But I'll just spit at you!
And you can't do nothing!

chorus 1x

Na na na na na na na na na
(one day)

so, bgitulah....enjoy the parody xD

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