Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

13...or not..

Well, hey guys...
I remember when I was a kid, I always proud of my age, and I always celebrate my birthday....
Well now I feel like, I don't know, but this is kinda strange,
Because I feel like, I'm not really proud of my age anymore, you know why?

You know, I saw my classmates celebrating someone's birthday in my class a few days ago, and I was like,
"When can I get such moment like that again?"
I don't know, I'm not officially 14, and I'm in 9th grade now, but I still often looking back to my past.

Also, I don't feel like, I act properly for my age,
Maybe I'm just too 'honest' or something...
Some people even told me that I'm critical..
Hey, c'mon...I'm not that smart...
I'm just an ordinary girl who only studying right before the test...

But, do you ever feel like, changing?
I remember that people always mistaken me as a college student or a high-school student...
I'm like, 16 years old already, I'm too mature to be a 14 years old...

But hey, do you see my sensitivity?
Do you even know how I act around in my house?
It's WAAAY DIFFERENT compared to how I act at school.
I'm soo..Hyperactived, and happy in my house, I laugh so loud and screaming and yelling when I'm playing with my sista, my cousin, or my maid.

Okay, some said that my sensitivity is normal for someone mature,
Because they think, it's usual to get angry because of someone who do the immature thing (insulting, acting weirdly to get an attention)
Seriously, there's so much boys in my EX class who (still) do the immature thing like that,
You know, I'd rather to see immature-childish guy than immature-j*rk guy

So, how old am I? 16 or 14?
Here comes the identity crisis,
But wait! Identity crisis should come when someone is a teenager!
Oh, wait, am I a teenager? or a pre-teenager?

I have to say that I still have many childish 'character's...and it's kinda bothering me sometimes...
But you know, even my own mother told me that I'm already mature to know everything....
Even 'that' knowledge, if you know what I mean....

So, just like that, this is Hawun, typing, surrounded by the identity crisis and ...see  ya later!

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