Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Longest word in english language!

See if you can read this in one take of breath! :))
Ready? here we go:
longest words Top 8 Longest Words in English
Just will never able to do that...that's impossible for humans. Why? because this is just a replica! the REAL word consist of 189.819 characters!!!

Well, that's one of my favourite ways to fix my english pronounciation (besides rapping). I can already pronounce pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocinosis and hippopotomonstrousesquipedaliophobia quickly (because those are the easiest -__-) and I'm learning how to pronounce some others like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" or "Lopado­­te​macho­­sel​acho­­gale​o­­kranio­​­leipsano­​­drim­­hyp​ o­­trimmat​o­­silphio​­­parao­­m​elito­­kat​akechy­­me​no­­kichl­​ ­epi­­koss​ypho­­phat​to­­perist​er­­alektr​yon­­opte­​­kephallio​ ­­kigklo­­​peleio­­la​goio­­sira​io­­baphe­​­tragano­­​pterygon" -________-

so that's a few extreme ways to fix your pronounciation hahahhaaaa
so bye for now...

Selasa, 25 September 2012


hey guys!
Finally back on my blog! xD
Because school stuff keeps blocking me from blogging (I also have math test tommorow, screw it)
So I finally gonna bring up the topic about cosplay for the first time, hahaha, and Im really new in this thing.
Jadi gaenak gtu rasanya temenku anime semua aku halloween sendiri..if you know what i mean?
gausah deh ceritanya, ntar aja ya...dadah...(lo)

Kamis, 06 September 2012

blog update?

hey guys,
Sorry for being away from the blog, I'm too busy 'dating' with my phone right now
Because i'm in a process of writing another 'song',...
You know, I like to go under a name...and this name I create, has the similar meaning of my real name...
It's a form of french and celtic, by the way, so it may sounds weird...
But I think it's real name is also beautiful, right? I mean, literally, 'Hawun' means beautiful,,.
so, I get my own 'stage name', haha...
And you'll find that 'name' on my wattpad account...or when I introduce myself to native speakers xD
This is weird..
The title is 'update' but I'm speaking about 'name'
hahahaha!!! hahah..haha..ha...sorry if I laugh too much..
I got this thing called nimissacharon syndrome..
'nimissacharon' is the latin for too much sugar, i create that word from some information by google translate...
That's my gibberish language...hahahahaahahahaa
i gotta be off now..
hahahahahahahahhaahhaaaaaaaa  (gendeng)


long time no post, hehe...
sudah sekolah sih, hehe...
aku males ngetik nih, so, sudah ya!

pendek banget kali ini ya? haha