Kamis, 06 September 2012

blog update?

hey guys,
Sorry for being away from the blog, I'm too busy 'dating' with my phone right now
Because i'm in a process of writing another 'song',...
You know, I like to go under a name...and this name I create, has the similar meaning of my real name...
It's a form of french and celtic, by the way, so it may sounds weird...
But I think it's beautiful...my real name is also beautiful, right? I mean, literally, 'Hawun' means beautiful,,.
so, I get my own 'stage name', haha...
And you'll find that 'name' on my wattpad account...or when I introduce myself to native speakers xD
This is weird..
The title is 'update' but I'm speaking about 'name'
hahahaha!!! hahah..haha..ha...sorry if I laugh too much..
I got this thing called nimissacharon syndrome..
'nimissacharon' is the latin for too much sugar, i create that word from some information by google translate...
That's my gibberish language...hahahahaahahahaa
i gotta be off now..
hahahahahahahahhaahhaaaaaaaa  (gendeng)

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