Jumat, 23 November 2012


What is it like to left the world?
To be the only one that's alive?
To be awaken from that silent sarcophagus?
To be the only  one that everyone's waiting for? 
To be the only one that everyone's worth dying for?
To break through the minds that  had grown?
What is it like?

"I'm not for displayed
I want to be alive
I want to be back with my dearest"

Reality is puzzling my mind
Butterflies trying to pull me up high
It's like the pendulum has burnt out all the clocks
And caused the time to stop

That it finally exist
I knew it
It 's still exist

It awe me
It is the rules on its fin
The worlds in its brain
The scar on its heart
As it only shows a fake smile that haunt

It shines like a diamond
It is bright like the stars
Sweet as glucose
Leaves on the trees that will never fall


"Don't let the world mess with us,
Let us mess with the world"

Let it be
Let the hope sparks on its eyes
The spirit burns on its tail
The world chases after as it swims


"It is an ancient fish! It's a fossil!
Priceless! Useless!"

You're not a fossil
You're not aged
You're still young
But mature at heart
You should not waste your dream
You're Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious

I'm sorry
But it is not a bad thing
To be compared to Coelacanth
Remembering how precious you are
How rare is a person like you
And only particular people assuming you alive

You're precious.

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