Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

The Howling Hyena

"In one of the million
In thousands of billion
In every opinion
You're a light on their vision"

Burn me down, burn me down
Nothing to afraid, don't brace
You don't need a clever person
But you need to calm your gaze

Is what I see from that howling hyena
Is what I conclude from that criteria

Your eyes, it stares at the night
Your mouth, it kills their sight
Your fangs, it torn their brains
That fear that swallowed them whole
And some attacks that brings me bore

Every effort is useless as she howls
Destroying every living things that stands
Ripping out their hearts as she licks it
She likes it, then she eats it

She let them bleed to death as she howls
The land is soon covered by laughter
And ego that declared her glory
To win within the victory
Without thinking of feeling guilty

The wound that I survived
Always tortured me when she passes by
I always thank God I'm alive
But I never want tolive in her lies

Is not what I see in me
It is what I see in you
And I'm not a sentence that you spat out

The fur covered her from sins
The smile, covering so much weight
That under-pressured soul started to come out :
"I'm expecting you too high"


Dissapointment, is what my face drawn
The dignity on me started to drown
The hopes inside me are flown
And you'll be starring as you frowned

then you laugh


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