Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Purnama Tengah Malam

Dedicated to all the girls who are experiencing this shitty teenage years. Becareful of the wolves and lions!

Purnamaku bersinar terang ditengah gelapnya malam
Menyilaukan bintang-bintang kecil yang meredup
Tingginya ia melihat rumput yang membatu
Ia melihat pohon yang membeku

Awan dan hujan datang menghalanginya
Menangis dengan purnamaku dibelakangnya
Sedangkan Ia hanya menatap akan gelapnya malam

Elang yang lapar melayang mendekati purnamaku
Mengepakkan sayap besarnya dan membelainya
Purnamaku sedih, meredup
Awan pun hilang tertiup angin
Purnamaku sedih, rapuh
Dedaunan dan pohon hanya membisu
Dan menari dengan angin seperti biasanya

Purnamaku terhanyut di luar angkasa
Dengan meteor-meteor menjijikan yang selalu lewat disampingnya
Mereka terbakar oleh hasrat dan berkumul dalam asap
Purnamaku hanya bisa diam
dan marah pada cahayanya sendiri

Ia tak kenal lagi
Ia tidak percaya lagi
Cahayanya semakin meredup

Purnamaku, Apadaya wajahnya berlubang
Terkikis oleh perkataan singa dan nafsu serigala
Setiap binatang di bumi bersiul dan menatapnya

Menghilanglah ia dalam malam
dan akhirnya menjadi sabit

Kamis, 07 November 2013

My version of "My Favorite Things"

This is my version of "My Favorite Things" from the 1960s movie The Sound Of Music. Thanks for Julie Andrews for teaching me to sing about my favorite things when I have a bad day xD
Attention, This post contains dark subject matter, and intended for my own strange sense of humor. Reader discretion is advised.

Warm golden wool blanket and rain in the morning
My mother in red and my dear best friend who sings
Brown paper package, tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Oreo cheesecake and no school tomorrow
Goth people in black and butterflies to follow
Airplanes in airport, with a breeze on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things!

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Blue bustle silk dress and cute bows on red hair
Wide fields of lavender and big, white teddy bear
Cooked dory fish and sandwiches on its side
These are a few of my favorite things

Killing the bullies and bright sun on beaches
Bloomed water lilies and beating those bitches
A good holiday, and a trip to unknown
These are a few of my favorite things!

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad!

Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013


I got these from tumblr. Feel free to copy.

Lilith ^^

Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013


This is actually a song I made to calm myself down during the darkest days...but since I have no idea how to sing it, then I changed this into a poem. So, here you go...


Oh Yvonna
Come to mama
Come to me, and tell me
What had happened

Dear Yvonna
Don't you waste your tears
On selfish people that cheers
On a man with a mind of sheers

Your world's still little
And your heart's too brittle
To confront the evil beasts
That are consumed by their own past

So smile, Yvonna
Show me your goofy jumps
Shake your gorgeous bum
Come on arise and rebuilt your broken heart
Sunk yourself in joy, It's another new start
Throw them rocks, throw them pebbles
And noise the world with your giggles

Fly Yvonna, To the stars beyond the clouds
Touch the sky, and play along the moon
If you see strangers, say "I'm enjoying life"
If he kisses you, then skinned him alive

Mark my words so you'll remember
Life's too short for you to surrender
Laugh and embrace your future
Waltz with someone you love
Enjoy the little things
That happens in the moment
It'll reminds you, dear Yvonna
That it's never wrong to be happy

Caprice no. 5

This is basically just a poem i made while listening to Paganini's caprice number 5. I have no mean of ruining nor offending this 'beautiful' classical piece. I made this to practice my english skill and my imagination.

The fire starts within and built its intensity
The cloud of rage summoned and be gone away in seconds
Another tide of anger hit the questionable emotions
A hysterical scream, cried, but won't get out
Complex emotions run after each other as it turns to end

Words and unrecognizable syllables running inside my head
Gibberish and marvellous, Offending and callous
Heavy thoughts wander in mind
Anxiety confronts my rational thoughts
Heart beating so fast, racing after time
Thoughts lingers at the end of the out burst
Slowing down, but it stays the same

Panic attacking, blood rushing in a vein
The army of ants run steadily in line
Mind confronts my irrationality
Thoughts racing, new ideas flying inside my head

Voices that talk, preach, and sing
Sounds faster and faster than before
The children run in joy
And the rain comes down
Washes up every exploding fireworks
And finally get at the edge of my temper
It calmed, but stays the same

Blood of the carcasses poured on the floor as a woman scream
Buzzing bees come in group to the red flowers

And it reached its highest note
A pitching and desperate scream, frustated and broken
The group of fairies singing to their death
Wind crosses through the hollow icicles
While a mania cheered of winning a lottery
Frozen forrest paints the sculpture of ballerina
But it melted to the same emotion

The fire starts within and built its intensity
The cloud of rage summoned and be gone away in seconds
Another tide of anger hit the questionable emotions
A hysterical scream, cried, but won't get out
Complex emotions run after each other as it turns to end

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Top 5 most intense moment in my life

So I realized that, instead of making my blog too emo, I'm gonna write something different than a poem, hahaha. And here we go :

5. It was night and I was getting really anxious because I was waiting for my national examination result! it sucks how indonesia obligate that to pass. I think it was like the peak of my anxiety, but it came out not too bad so yeah, I'm fine now, ahahahaa

4. This one is when I was just a little girl with the beatles hair. My mom was driving, I think she set the music too loud in the car, and we were driving through this railway (the railway didn't have a barrier at that time) And suddenly everyone screamed "turnover! turnover!" but my mom kept on going. Then out of sudden, there was this train coming right behind the car...I thanked god I'm still alive...

3. PLANE TURBULENCE!!! Urghh this is one of the reason why I hate planes! That time was really bad! I was on my way home from thailand and I had to take 4 hours flight and the whole flight was creepy as hell! It was shaky everywhere, like the "road" is rocky or something. When it reached the worst turbulence, the pilot set up a classical music in the cabin to make the passanger calm...thanks to that pilot...

2. When my mom and dad fight...First when I was 5, and second when I was 11...Lots of banging and yelling and screaming, and that's one of the reason I won't get married in the future....

1. That whole emergency room moments involving my mom...This memory is the most traumatic thing I've ever got as a teenager. I thought she was about to fly to heaven and be an angel or something, but thank god! she's still with me until now!

Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013


"It's not even a poem anyway"

I bet you got no heart
Yeah, because I stole it
It is still lingers in my hand; fresh and bloody
I stole a bite and it was tasty
But your dad's seeing me, his eyes are all puffy
He said "What the hell did you do to my son?"
And I said "Nothing, we were just having fun..
It is something I've always wanted to do,
Because this human like him have no rue"
And so do you

He got mad so I sliced his throat
Pulled his eyes out, let him rot
His guts was all over the floor
His head was rolling to the door

It was not long until your mom stepped inside
And your little brother closed his eyes
They looked so pale, in horror
And your brother passed out of the odour

I took a gun and killed them both
I pulled the trigger, one quick shot
"It will be the most painless thing I give
for someone who had fooled me in deceive"

This kind of act never reminds me of my sin
Because I know you'll look good in that coffin
And look cute with that maggots on your eyes...
And your family's in black, they're all saying goodbye

They didn't know that the car is locked
They didn't know that the street is blocked
I watched in smile as the car burned down in explosion
Thus, Murder finally become my addiction

I walked down the street carrying their corpses
Your body was never in that funeral
The body inside the coffin was my boss's
Who had given me problems of financial

I took you home and sing on my own
And I stuffed your body with cotton
So you'll be my own dearest doll
And so do the rest of them all

"It's weird, isn't it?
How a bullied girl could murder?
It's funny, isn't it?
That the polices won't bother
Just me and you, we're gonna have a tea party
Cause I'm playing with the dead
I'm playing with the dead
I'm happy and you're dead!!!"

The Anxiety Of Mind

This world seems to offer me no solace
My wits grows anguished once the day turns dawn
I have no person to blame
This act of sinister confronts my sanity
Rushes and attack my already broken soul
Whatever I'm about to commit, it is inhuman

Am I too young to witness such horror?
Alas! the thought haunts me at night; like a ghost!
Who lives inside me and eats my flesh slowly
That it comes to this mind of chaos
Repeating its word and whispers its cruelty
That I will be the victim of a disease I most feared

Helps that I called out left me no avail

The most wicked truth had reached the hand of my mother
The reaper asked her to dance in his dark and doomed ballroom
He threw a glance at me as he spinned her
He caught her by his arms before she hit the floor; turning his fleshless head and fixed his stare at me
Those red eyes, shrieking sound of his bony neck, and his meatless jaw
Telling me I'm next

W.S Rendra - Doa seorang serdadu sebelum berperang

WajahMu membayang di kota terbakar
dan firmanMu terguris di atas ribuan
kuburan yang dangkal
Anak menangis kehilangan bapa
Tanah sepi kehilangan lelakinya
Bukannya benih yang disebar di bumi subur ini
tapi bangkai dan wajah mati yang sia-sia

Apabila malam turun nanti
sempurnalah sudah warna dosa
dan mesiu kembali lagi bicara
Waktu itu, Tuhanku,
perkenankan aku membunuh
perkenankan aku menusukkan sangkurku

Malam dan wajahku
adalah satu warna
Dosa dan nafasku
adalah satu udara.
Tak ada lagi pilihan
kecuali menyadari
-biarpun bersama penyesalan-

Apa yang bisa diucapkan
oleh bibirku yang terjajah ?
Sementara kulihat kedua lengaMu yang capai
mendekap bumi yang mengkhianatiMu
Erat-erat kugenggam senapanku
Perkenankan aku membunuh
Perkenankan aku menusukkan sangkurku

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

Never Happened Quotes!

"I wish I could sit and talk to that guy. I wish I could ask what's bothering him all this time and listen to his story. I wish that he know I've forgiven him and I wish that we were friends like we used to be. I wish him to listen to me too and realized that, I just want to understand. And I wish he could do the same. Listen and understand. But I can't, Lilith. He's a bully. He never understand. He does not see what I see. He does not feel what I feel. He does not have conscience like I do. And I'm still wishing that he has. I'm still wishing that he has..."- Genevieve Wasdworth

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

New party game ideas! And guess what??? I named it Coca Cola Roulette!

Weird name huh? ahahahaa
So I was skyping with my bestfriend, nia, and she was drinking a coca cola at that time, so then this idea came out in my head
And I said we should make a new party game that is less harmful than russian roulette, so this is like an alternative way to play russian roulette. Then we named it Coca Cola Roulette!

So here's the rule, there are 5 bottles of coca cola, 3 of them have mentos in each bottle, the bottle surface is completely covered with paper or something so you don't know which one is with the mentos and which don't.
You have to choose one bottle and shake it, put it in front of your face and let the fate decide!

If you want to be more fun (and wetter) use diet coke for the best result :)))

But I think everyone who play this game will get the 'splash' though, there are two version of 'splash', the one without the mentos is more wild, the other one with the mentos is foamy.

And please do not put the shaken bottle in front of your eye or other sensitive body parts, soda is acid, everybody...

All the risks and consequences is an individual responsibility for those who try this.....

And don't do this except you want to get a bad case of nose inflammation #lol

Pengumuman......daan hasilnyaaa................

Hey guys long time no post...Sorry I've been busy 'taking care of my mom' wishes for her to heal though :)
So, the long, thrilling wait finally paid off today! the announcement of Unas scores!!!
And guess what? I got 33,60 -__- I even got 70 for math and I'm really disappointed :'(
But then I think, hey it was difficult and students of surabaya only got 35 or something and it's the highest score! Then I feel like worth it, lah...Eventhough I had my emo phase today #curhat
And my dad's like "gak pa-pa wun, klo banyak nilainya yang turun, kan kriteria masuk sekolah kawasan juga insya Allah diturunin" and yeah, even though he's been a jerk sometimes, he really knows how to cheer someone up....
Aaand...Thank you everyone who had supported me through my unas era. Thank you pak misbach, pak ari, mbak maya, and my family, espescially my parents and my sister and my cousin, @bohaigenthonk ^^

And I think this post will turn into thank you thank you message or some like that, ahahahaa

*ganti bahasa*
Dan sekolah juga ngadain latihan wisuda yang kebanyakan pre-memory hihihi...
I can't wait for wisuda! because I'm looking forward for it!!!

So then yeah, maybe that's all, I'm running out of vocabs anyway, ahahahaa...

bye guys~

Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Cerpen : Salah, kah?

Aku bukan robot,
Aku bukan boneka,
Aku bukan mobil-mobilan yang terjebak dibawah tempat tidur
Aku adalah masa lalu, aku adalah cermin untuk masa depan
Dan kau tak bisa melarangnya…


Hari itu hari yang cerah. Matahari bersinar cukup terang tapi tehalangi oleh awan mendung yang sedang berebutan arah mata angin. Sebenarnya cuaca cukup dingin untuk orang sepertiku. Suasana di taman cukup ramai. Ada seorang lelaki di dekat pohon,berbaju setelan jas abu-abu dan dasi hitam yang tidak rapi. Dia mengambil sebatang rokok dari jasnya lalu mulai menyalakannya, lalu bersandar. Dia jelas kelihatan kecewa, dan sedih. Kesedihannya berubah menjadi emosi yang histeris ketika ada seekor ulat bulu jatuh di punggungnya.

Mungkin ini sesuatu yang sering disalah artikan seseorang. Apalagi kalangan ‘orang dewasa’. Sebagai “anak-anak”, aku cukup mengerti apa yang dialami orang di sebelahku. Aku sudah langsung mengerti dari ucapannya seraya kedua mata bulatnya berbinar-binar.  Tapi dari ‘kebinaran’ itu, raut mukanya langsung mengkerut, dan matanya yang tadi berbinar menjadi berkaca-kaca.

“Aku gatau harus ngapain….” Komplainnya. “kamu udah tahu kan, mereka kaya gimana?”

Aku menatap tajam matanya

“Apa maksudmu?”

“Kupu-kupu.” Katanya. “Seekor makhluk yang indah. Spektrum warnanya menghiasi taman ini. Lihatlah ia terbang menujumu”


“Iya, cantik warnanya…” kataku melihat kupu-kupu hinggap di pundakku.

“Apa dia bahagia?”


“Dengan semua keindahan yang dia miliki? Apakah dia bahagia?” tanyanya.

Aku terdiam sejenang. ‘Anak’ disebelahku ini membuatku merenungi.

“Aku juga termasuk orang yang ‘berkecukupan’. Tapi menurutku aku malah ‘kebanyakan’. Tapi apakah aku bahagia? Sepertinya tidak. “ Katanya. “Aku capek harus mengungsi ke negeri orang. Kenapa aku tidak bisa tinggal di negaraku sendiri?”

Aku tersanjung. Tidak banyak orang seperti dia yang mau bicara seperti itu. Apalagi denganku.

“Ayahku sangat fasis” katanya. “Dia tergila-gila akan negara aslinya, dan melarangku untuk menikahi orang dari negara lain, kelak”

“Tapi negaraku adalah Negara gagal. Kemiskinan selalu melanda dimana-mana.” Lanjutnya.

Aku langsung tertegun. Bagaimana tidak, pembicaraan kami daritadi kemana-mana.

Tiba-tiba mataku memerhatikan sebuah gelang kertas di pergelangan tangan ‘anak’ tersebut. 213, tulisnya.

“Kau takkan mau tahu itu untuk apa” katanya. “Aku hanya berusaha mencari teman…dan mereka menghalangiku.”

“Siapa mereka?”

“Lupakan saja”

Aku terdiam. ‘Anak’ itu lalu menawarkan sebuah roti kering padaku.

“Makasih” kataku.

“Kau tahu, hidup sekarang lebih gampang daripada 10 tahun yang lalu…” Lanjutnya. “Aku harus hidup nomaden karena bom yang dijatuhkan penjajah.”

Aku hanya tersenyum seraya melahap roti yang diberinya. Rasanya agak aneh menurutku.

“Kau tahu, bahasamu agak puitis untuk seorang ‘anak’ sepertimu…” Nada bicaraku sengaja kurubah saat berkata ‘anak’. Karena aku tahu dia bukan ‘anak-anak’ biasa. Mungkin karena tubuhnya kecil saja untuk orang seperti’nya’.

“terima kasih.”

Aku mulai merasa gelisah berada di dekatnya.

“Kau tinggal dimana?” tanyaku kepadanya.

“Aku tak ingat alamatku sendiri” katanya.

Aku hanya tersenyum sopan. Aku tahu aku tidak boleh mengatakan itu di depannya. Itu akan menghinanya.

“Rotinya enak?” tanyanya dengan nada senang.

Di dalam pikiranku sudah terdapat banyak hinaan untuk roti yang kumakan. Rasanya seperti….aku bahkan tak bisa menjelaskannya.

“Aku membuatnya sendiri…” Katanya.

Hinaan yang tadi sudah di ujung mulutku, langsung kutelan kembali. Aku tahu aku harus tetap membuatnya 

“Enak…” Kataku berbohong.


Aku terdiam lagi. Angin meniup rambut pendek bergelombangku. Rumput mulai mencolek-colek bawahan rok poodle merah polkadot ku.

“Kedinginan?” Tanyanya.

Aku menggeleng sambil tersenyum sopan. Aku harus tetap sopan, jangan langsung pergi….

Aku lalu mengambil koran tempo dari tasku. Koran bertulisan cetak besar yang dapat dibeli murah di stasiun, biasanya 5 rupiah…

Aku mulai membalik-balik halamannya. Aku bahkan belum terlalu mengerti bahasanya. Bahasa mereka terlalu susah untukku. Tapi mataku hanya tertuju pada satu foto di halaman agak belakang. Mungkin yang ku rasakan saat itu adalah antara ketakutan dan kegelisahan. Akhirnya, Koran itu kulipat kembali dengan cepat.

“Ada apa?” Tanya anak itu lagi.

“Tak apa…” kataku berbohong.

Pantas daritadi aku merasa ada orang melihat kami dari jauh. Si orang bertudung di seberang jalan itu.

“Kau tahu,” katanya. “Terkadang aku ingin merasa bebas sekali-sekali. Seperti kupu-kupu tadi. Sesekali aku ingin keluar. Tapi aku akan kembali lagi…”

“Aku tidak ingin berada di frontline terus…” tambahnya. “Kapan aku akan menemukan ketenangan kalau aku hanya perang?”

“Apa kabar negeriku sekarang? Apa kabar orang-orang disana? Aku selalu ingin melihat, walaupun cuma sekali. Aku ingin tenang”

“Kalau begitu pergilah dimana mereka tidak akan menemuimu.” Kataku, memotong pembicaraannya. “Ini ada uang. Belilah tiket kereta dan pergilah semaumu”


“Iya pergilah dari sini!”

“Terima kasih! Kau baik sekali, nona!!!!” matanya berbinar-binar seraya melompat dari bangku. Dia menumpukan tas warna abu-abu kehijauan di pundaknya, lalu pergi menjauh.
Aku menggeleng-geleng kepala saat melihat ia pergi. Tetapi emosi sopan tadi langsung kurubah. Aku langsung tertawa terbahak-bahak. Orang bertudung itu berlari menuju aku.

“APA MASALAHMU???” Katanya berteriak marah. “Aku hampir kaya!!!”

“Ayolah, kak, biarkanlah dia pergi…” kataku di sela-sela tawaku. “Kau tidak bertemu orang sesemangat itu setiap tahun”

“Semangat apa?”

“untuk bebas. Dia punya kemauan tinggi untuk melihat kabar negaranya. Dia tak mau dikurung terus. Dia tetap gigih walaupun sudah lewat 7 tahun”

“Tapi dia berbahaya!”

“Tidak. Dia hanya butuh untuk didengarkan. Dia hanya butuh dihargai. Dia butuh orang untuk diajak omong, itu saja.”

“Dasar kau, licik..”

“Ayolah, kak, jangan terlalu matre. Ayo kucarikan tentara gila, lagi….”

“Diam, kau!”

Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013


Everytime I try to pour everything
It is frozen by your words, so I stopped
Everytime I try to express my feeling
It is broken by your jokes, so I silenced

People are walking on the sidewalk
While I am on the edge of the bridge
They begged me to stop, but I give them no fuck
Just like what they had done to me

"They always ask me to do something I always refuse"

They had pushed me to go through the cliff of my own destruction
Restricting all radios and communications
And all I have is this grey air I called a prison
And I, again, locked up into my own isolation

Ha! how funny!
...How immoral

I, once again, trapped
Into the ashes of my own guilt
Immobilizing, Asphyxiating
I can't feel the air as they keep on choking me

"They want me to die"

The scream

The scream is caged inside my lungs
It burned me down inside, rotting my every hope
The fire starts within me, its heat is coursing through my body

Something moving is inside my head

As my, my vision is rejecting my own body
And my soul is trying to break free
Behold a hand! crawling out of my brain!
Ripping out my eyes, blinding me from reality!
And all I see is either devastation or calamity

"I have never seen the dove flying upon me yet again."

The more I seek for comfort, the more guilty I will be
The more I seek for joy, the more hopeless I will be
And once Inask why people blame it all on me
It is answered to me that this is a crazy society

And that's life.

Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Key of happiness?

Hey guys, sorry I've been busy with these wisuda and shits
So I've passed the UNAS, and it wasn't really good because the math and science's questions were 'straying too far from what I've had learnt'.

Oh, let me guess, dinas want us, the student to not to pass the junior high school? oh, wait, wait or is it because they ENJOY seeing the student under that such amount of stress?
Or is it because they think they KNOW EVERYTHING so they could arbitrarily give the students those questions and laugh at their disabilities? Fucking psychopaths

But you know what, I've had enough resentment already,I've had enough stress already, and I am almost crazy of this. I mean, literally. I was almost insane, I almost killed myself-GOD DAMN IT BECAUSE THAT BITCH KEPT INTERRUPTING ME!


All I want is my happiness and my life back. I have to find the key of happiness immediately....
I have to know the meaning of all of these shits God put in me.

Sooner or later I have to know.

Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Moonlight Sonata

*This poetry is in no way affiliated with the real moonlight sonata/piano sonata no.14*

The moon shines on the darkest night
The streets calmed, the town silenced
The moon sparks a hope on it light
Painfully recalls, the fog of violence

Every son is the victim of the night
Reconcilation does not exist in this fight
The sobs of their family alarming the poor
That their ignorace was guilty and sinful

The fire shines brighter than the moonlight
It left nothing but the ashes of revolution
The chaoes breaks the silence of the cold night
Reality tosses away the children's imagination

The tune of the piano accompanies the night
Slowly reminds, that all frightful days shall be alright
Let you be the victim of the moon light
Screaming and struggling in your fight
Let you be the victim of the moon light
To have your windows wide shut, or to walk through the peaceful white light


It breezes through me
Comes by and brings me the delight of nature
Smile flashes from the innocence of the children
Joy and freedom is eternity
No devastation, no calamity
Only air and your faith are with you
Let the tree speaks, let the grass whispers
That your peace have finally met you

Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Mercy or no mercy

Through this day, I still question
How could he does something without any recognition?
And hide behind the shadows of his own possession?

Eventhough I know,
My weakness is his strength
My flaws are his dignity
My vision is his blindness
Will he need a mercy?

And I know,
That my courage is his fear
My confidence is his coincidence
My hopes are his depression
O, my dearest God, will he seek for my pity?

Or should I,
Throw him to the deepest well
Where it ignites the fire of hell?
The revenge never rings me a bell
Because, God, I know, I shall not do that as well.

Behold my sins!
That gathers and piled up in ashes
Behold his sins!
That flows through his tongue and the water can't washes

Thou art the greatest!
Please let this body of hunger comprehend
Please let this mind of curiosity understand
Before my innocenc faded into revenge
Before my sanity turns into insanity
Before my conscience burnt out to madness
Before he perished as my hand takes the guilt


Senin, 11 Maret 2013


© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved worldwide 

It hurts like heaven
When you walk away for someone not even better than me
It hurts like heaven
When you say it's not the time to be with you and me
Imma find something to entertain myself

It hurts, when you say "Ooh"
When you say "ooh"
To me

It hurts like heaven
When I tell you something but you just say "k..."
It hurts like heaven
When you complain all along and ruin my day
So Imma find something to entertain myseeelf,
You know it hurts!

When you say "Ooh"
Please don't say "ooh"
To me

Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Anime Dress up

I use this application to dress up my chara xD
The character (from the first one, repeteadly) :
Elizabeth Pelham
Genevieve Wasdworth (High school)
Lilith 'Lefevre'
Genevieve Wasdworth (Primary school)
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Senin, 04 Maret 2013

The excuse poem by Kenn Nesbitt

I started on my homework
but my pen ran out of ink.
My hamster ate my homework.
My computer's on the blink.

I accidentally dropped it
in the soup my mom was cooking.
My brother flushed it down the toilet
when I wasn't looking.

My mother ran my homework
through the washer and the dryer.
An airplane crashed into our house.
My homework caught on fire.

Tornadoes blew my notes away.
Volcanoes struck our town.
My notes were taken hostage
by an evil killer clown.

Some aliens abducted me.
I had a shark attack.
A pirate swiped my homework
and refused to give it back.

I worked on these excuses
so darned long my teacher said,
"I think you'll find it's easier
to do the work instead."

Lmaoo =)))

hi just wanna post this pic :

Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Emotionless toy

"How many emotion is hidden?
Beneath those unintended smiles and laughs?
How many innocence is uncovered?
under a broken soul of mine?"

Seems like it was yesterday I've had my joy
And it was taken away from me today
No rain, I'm just under the shining sun
No pain, I'm just behind the hiding moon

The emotion creeping inside me
The guilt keeps pulling on my eyes
I'm staying awake, no, I can't sleep
Or the darkness will gathers in me forever

It's silly to be like an emotionless toy
But the chance is only one at once
Or even last.

No it wasn't the last.