Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Mercy or no mercy

Through this day, I still question
How could he does something without any recognition?
And hide behind the shadows of his own possession?

Eventhough I know,
My weakness is his strength
My flaws are his dignity
My vision is his blindness
Will he need a mercy?

And I know,
That my courage is his fear
My confidence is his coincidence
My hopes are his depression
O, my dearest God, will he seek for my pity?

Or should I,
Throw him to the deepest well
Where it ignites the fire of hell?
The revenge never rings me a bell
Because, God, I know, I shall not do that as well.

Behold my sins!
That gathers and piled up in ashes
Behold his sins!
That flows through his tongue and the water can't washes

Thou art the greatest!
Please let this body of hunger comprehend
Please let this mind of curiosity understand
Before my innocenc faded into revenge
Before my sanity turns into insanity
Before my conscience burnt out to madness
Before he perished as my hand takes the guilt


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