Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Moonlight Sonata

*This poetry is in no way affiliated with the real moonlight sonata/piano sonata no.14*

The moon shines on the darkest night
The streets calmed, the town silenced
The moon sparks a hope on it light
Painfully recalls, the fog of violence

Every son is the victim of the night
Reconcilation does not exist in this fight
The sobs of their family alarming the poor
That their ignorace was guilty and sinful

The fire shines brighter than the moonlight
It left nothing but the ashes of revolution
The chaoes breaks the silence of the cold night
Reality tosses away the children's imagination

The tune of the piano accompanies the night
Slowly reminds, that all frightful days shall be alright
Let you be the victim of the moon light
Screaming and struggling in your fight
Let you be the victim of the moon light
To have your windows wide shut, or to walk through the peaceful white light

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