Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013


Everytime I try to pour everything
It is frozen by your words, so I stopped
Everytime I try to express my feeling
It is broken by your jokes, so I silenced

People are walking on the sidewalk
While I am on the edge of the bridge
They begged me to stop, but I give them no fuck
Just like what they had done to me

"They always ask me to do something I always refuse"

They had pushed me to go through the cliff of my own destruction
Restricting all radios and communications
And all I have is this grey air I called a prison
And I, again, locked up into my own isolation

Ha! how funny!
...How immoral

I, once again, trapped
Into the ashes of my own guilt
Immobilizing, Asphyxiating
I can't feel the air as they keep on choking me

"They want me to die"

The scream

The scream is caged inside my lungs
It burned me down inside, rotting my every hope
The fire starts within me, its heat is coursing through my body

Something moving is inside my head

As my, my vision is rejecting my own body
And my soul is trying to break free
Behold a hand! crawling out of my brain!
Ripping out my eyes, blinding me from reality!
And all I see is either devastation or calamity

"I have never seen the dove flying upon me yet again."

The more I seek for comfort, the more guilty I will be
The more I seek for joy, the more hopeless I will be
And once Inask why people blame it all on me
It is answered to me that this is a crazy society

And that's life.

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