Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

New party game ideas! And guess what??? I named it Coca Cola Roulette!

Weird name huh? ahahahaa
So I was skyping with my bestfriend, nia, and she was drinking a coca cola at that time, so then this idea came out in my head
And I said we should make a new party game that is less harmful than russian roulette, so this is like an alternative way to play russian roulette. Then we named it Coca Cola Roulette!

So here's the rule, there are 5 bottles of coca cola, 3 of them have mentos in each bottle, the bottle surface is completely covered with paper or something so you don't know which one is with the mentos and which don't.
You have to choose one bottle and shake it, put it in front of your face and let the fate decide!

If you want to be more fun (and wetter) use diet coke for the best result :)))

But I think everyone who play this game will get the 'splash' though, there are two version of 'splash', the one without the mentos is more wild, the other one with the mentos is foamy.

And please do not put the shaken bottle in front of your eye or other sensitive body parts, soda is acid, everybody...

All the risks and consequences is an individual responsibility for those who try this.....

And don't do this except you want to get a bad case of nose inflammation #lol

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