Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Pengumuman......daan hasilnyaaa................

Hey guys long time no post...Sorry I've been busy 'taking care of my mom' wishes for her to heal though :)
So, the long, thrilling wait finally paid off today! the announcement of Unas scores!!!
And guess what? I got 33,60 -__- I even got 70 for math and I'm really disappointed :'(
But then I think, hey it was difficult and students of surabaya only got 35 or something and it's the highest score! Then I feel like worth it, lah...Eventhough I had my emo phase today #curhat
And my dad's like "gak pa-pa wun, klo banyak nilainya yang turun, kan kriteria masuk sekolah kawasan juga insya Allah diturunin" and yeah, even though he's been a jerk sometimes, he really knows how to cheer someone up....
Aaand...Thank you everyone who had supported me through my unas era. Thank you pak misbach, pak ari, mbak maya, and my family, espescially my parents and my sister and my cousin, @bohaigenthonk ^^

And I think this post will turn into thank you thank you message or some like that, ahahahaa

*ganti bahasa*
Dan sekolah juga ngadain latihan wisuda yang kebanyakan pre-memory hihihi...
I can't wait for wisuda! because I'm looking forward for it!!!

So then yeah, maybe that's all, I'm running out of vocabs anyway, ahahahaa...

bye guys~

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