Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013


"It's not even a poem anyway"

I bet you got no heart
Yeah, because I stole it
It is still lingers in my hand; fresh and bloody
I stole a bite and it was tasty
But your dad's seeing me, his eyes are all puffy
He said "What the hell did you do to my son?"
And I said "Nothing, we were just having fun..
It is something I've always wanted to do,
Because this human like him have no rue"
And so do you

He got mad so I sliced his throat
Pulled his eyes out, let him rot
His guts was all over the floor
His head was rolling to the door

It was not long until your mom stepped inside
And your little brother closed his eyes
They looked so pale, in horror
And your brother passed out of the odour

I took a gun and killed them both
I pulled the trigger, one quick shot
"It will be the most painless thing I give
for someone who had fooled me in deceive"

This kind of act never reminds me of my sin
Because I know you'll look good in that coffin
And look cute with that maggots on your eyes...
And your family's in black, they're all saying goodbye

They didn't know that the car is locked
They didn't know that the street is blocked
I watched in smile as the car burned down in explosion
Thus, Murder finally become my addiction

I walked down the street carrying their corpses
Your body was never in that funeral
The body inside the coffin was my boss's
Who had given me problems of financial

I took you home and sing on my own
And I stuffed your body with cotton
So you'll be my own dearest doll
And so do the rest of them all

"It's weird, isn't it?
How a bullied girl could murder?
It's funny, isn't it?
That the polices won't bother
Just me and you, we're gonna have a tea party
Cause I'm playing with the dead
I'm playing with the dead
I'm happy and you're dead!!!"

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