Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

The Anxiety Of Mind

This world seems to offer me no solace
My wits grows anguished once the day turns dawn
I have no person to blame
This act of sinister confronts my sanity
Rushes and attack my already broken soul
Whatever I'm about to commit, it is inhuman

Am I too young to witness such horror?
Alas! the thought haunts me at night; like a ghost!
Who lives inside me and eats my flesh slowly
That it comes to this mind of chaos
Repeating its word and whispers its cruelty
That I will be the victim of a disease I most feared

Helps that I called out left me no avail

The most wicked truth had reached the hand of my mother
The reaper asked her to dance in his dark and doomed ballroom
He threw a glance at me as he spinned her
He caught her by his arms before she hit the floor; turning his fleshless head and fixed his stare at me
Those red eyes, shrieking sound of his bony neck, and his meatless jaw
Telling me I'm next

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