Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013


This is actually a song I made to calm myself down during the darkest days...but since I have no idea how to sing it, then I changed this into a poem. So, here you go...


Oh Yvonna
Come to mama
Come to me, and tell me
What had happened

Dear Yvonna
Don't you waste your tears
On selfish people that cheers
On a man with a mind of sheers

Your world's still little
And your heart's too brittle
To confront the evil beasts
That are consumed by their own past

So smile, Yvonna
Show me your goofy jumps
Shake your gorgeous bum
Come on arise and rebuilt your broken heart
Sunk yourself in joy, It's another new start
Throw them rocks, throw them pebbles
And noise the world with your giggles

Fly Yvonna, To the stars beyond the clouds
Touch the sky, and play along the moon
If you see strangers, say "I'm enjoying life"
If he kisses you, then skinned him alive

Mark my words so you'll remember
Life's too short for you to surrender
Laugh and embrace your future
Waltz with someone you love
Enjoy the little things
That happens in the moment
It'll reminds you, dear Yvonna
That it's never wrong to be happy

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