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Pleasure of Love (Plaisir D'amour)

I tried making an english version of a french song called "Plaisir D'amour". It's basically about how love is such a misery blah blah blah, but anyway, I'm in love with the melody. Especially, the cover of this song by acapella group King's singers. Enjoy.
Pleasure of Love
Pleasure of love lasts only a moment,
The pain of love last for a lifetime.
You have left me for beautiful Sylvie,
And she’s leaving you for another.
Pleasure of love lasts only a moment,
The pain of love lasts a lifetime.
"As long as this water will run gently
Towards this brook which borders the meadow
I will love you", Sylvie told you repeatedly.
The water still runs, but she has changed forever
Pleasure of love lasts only a moment, The pain of love last for a lifetime.
The pain of love will lasts a lifetime

Selasa, 16 Desember 2014


Just today, I tried making a poem about Ophelia's confusement and how she goes mad. Probably not my best work, but, what the hell, I tried anyway.

By Yvonna Faust

How far will you go?
For the uncherished mystery
Of the kindless and temporary

The autumn paints
The colour of my hair
He hath no gain
For the lady of fair

An angel am I?
Who plays with daisies
And hums lullabies
About a man who cares for
And a man who cared for
I dare not

Mad, is he?
Shouting scorns at his lover
Yet he won't witness
The viciousness of his own
How vivid!
I dare not.

How far will you go?
For the uncherished mystery
Of the kindless and temporary

Nay, Nay father!
Choked did he? wailing was he?
He forgot, did he? He laughed, did he?
No soul was there to look!
I dare not!

How far will you go?
For the uncherished mystery
Of the kindless and temporary

No one was me
No one was him
I'm no mad
I dare not!!

They left, did they? with please, did they?
Smothered, did she? Dead, did she?
I care not!
For I dare not!!!

How far will you go?
For love?

Senin, 15 Desember 2014


Ass. Wr. Wb
Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sarah Hawun Ratuharati of SMAN 17 Surabaya. I would like to deliver my speech about tourism and economy.

As some of you might have known, there is a plan to integrate regional economy between the members of ASEAN, or Associations of South East Asian Nations. All of these countries, including Indonesia will soon cooperate to maintain each other’s financial stability. Then shall come a community with the name of The ASEAN Economic Community or simply called AEC. That shall be a right movement to strengthen the ASEAN economy even further.
Some of you might wonder, what is this AEC? And how does this have something to do with Indonesia? So, I will explain it to you. Indonesia buys products by importing from another country of ASEAN and exports the national products to be sold to another countries. Every time we sell things by using a foreign currency, we receive money, which will eventually go into the country’s savings. The savings, if used correctly, will bring prosperity to the country.
Off course, our country has another source of  income and doesn't just exports mines and spices. Indonesia is known for its pulchritude of its nature and its cultural diversity, which will attract curious people to go to our country. We can use this as an advantage to strengthen our position in AEC. Tourism, everybody! the answer is tourism.
Let's take Bali as an example. Bali is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. And not just beaches, we still have mountains, lakes, parks, waterfalls, everything the nature has given to us. To us, to our motherland. But, we still have to broaden our knowledge about the places we could use as a tourist destination. From then, we can gain profits from the tourism activity. Thus, tourism will empower and also prepares this country in facing the future economic community. If more tourists come to the country and they are charged by tax, it will increase the country's income and the tax will be the profit. Then, the country's savings can be used to manage the national infrastructure.
See, our country doesn’t have to be an autarky. It's perfectly ok to compete in financial matters, as long as it's healthy. And every time there is an activity that involves exporting and importing, we unconsciously has built trust. So, we cooperate to achieve a similar goal. While we export goods, they come to our country in return. It's a symbiotic relationship. And tourism is the key.
Tourism is useful in many aspects. Other than the greens, tourism can be used to broaden knowledge of the tourist so that they will be more familiar with our culture. As you might have known, culture also attracts foreigners.

Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Funny MBTI test results :D

These are all intended for humour and by all means to entertain, readers should not take these results seriously. Not all introverts are like this, nor all extroverts are also like this. Yes, I am aware that the cognitive functions in every type are different. So I'll remind you once more that this post is a mere fun.

For all of you who haven't know your type yet, take the test here for free :

I decided to make a result intended for my and my sister sense of humour. The results are :

Extrovert (E) : An obnoxiously loud
Introvert (I) : A gravely silent
Sensing (S) : Realist
Intuiting (N) : Psychic
Thinking (T) : who is an unnecessarily logical
Feeling (F) : who is an unnecessarily sensitive
Judging (J) : Neat-freak
Perceiving (P) : Slacker

I'm an INFP, so I'm a gravely silent psychic who is an unnecessarily sensitive slacker :)))

Now you can identify your temperament. According to Keirsey, the 16 mbti types can be divided to four temperaments which are Analyst/Rationals (xNTx), Guardian (xSxJ), Idealist (xNFx) and Artisan (xSxP). Here's my version of the results:

Guardian (SJ) : Authoritarian "Servant"
Idealist (NF) : Useless Dreamer
Artisan (SP) : Chronic YOLO-er
Analyst (NT) : Reckless Smartass

I'm an INFP, so I'm a useless dreamer :)))

Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

Resident Evil 4-inspired photoshoot

I'll post two pictures of Ada Wong because I simply think she's awesome :D

Leon S. Kennedy

(Annoying) Ashley Graham

Ada Wong 

Ingrid Hunnigan

Albert Wesker

Jack Krauser

Luis Sera

The Merchant

A female Ganado?

Rabu, 26 November 2014

Glitter party style

This will be yet another Style Me Girl post, God I really love this game, I really like the dresses and I love playing with the model.

Senin, 24 November 2014

Red Wedding dress

I love this dress. The people from Frenzoo are awesome designers.

Kamis, 20 November 2014


So, I randomly had an idea about writing this very short story during my indonesian class. So I wrote this. Intended for my weird sense of humor.."enjoy"

            By : Hawun Harati

"Balikiin!!!" Mel melengking, berebutan handphone dengan adiknya.

"Melly cinta Fahri! Melly cinta Fahri!!!" Ejek Sarah sambil bernyanyi di sela-sela tawanya.

"Kita cuma SMSan!! Kita belum jadian!!" Kata Mel kesal.

" 'Belum'!!!!" Goda adiknya, dengan mengutip kata-kata kakaknya.

"Aah!! Terserahlah!" Sang kakak malu sambil tetap tertawa. Mel akhirnya berhasil mengambil handphonenya kembali.

"Looo" Sarah melongo, menatap kekalahannya.

Mel menjulurkan lidah ke adiknya, dan Sarah pun membalas dengan hal yang sama. Mereka adalah saudara yang hanya berbeda satu tahun. Mereka tumbuh bersama, berkembang bersama dan selalu bermain bersama. Walaupun terkadang bertengkar, mereka selalu mendapatkan cara untuk menjaga keharmonisan sesama. Salah satu dari mereka selalu mencairkan suasana.

Sarah merasa haus setelah bercanda dan belincai dengan kakaknya. Ia beranjak dari tempat tidur yang daritadi didudukinya, dan berjalan mendekati pintu.

"Mau kemana?" Tanya sang kakak

"Ambil minum di bawah"  Jawab sang adik.

"Minum obatmu lo ya!" Mel mengingatkan.

"Tenang kak.. aku gak bakal ninggalin kakak kok." katanya sambil terkekeh.

Besoknya, Sarah meninggal.

Minggu, 16 November 2014


Ever since my mum's death, I have planned to publish her literary works. But few days after the funeral, her facebook account; where she wrote most of her works in; is blocked and I unfortunately do not know the password. So I lost the evidences that prove that my mum used to be a darn good poet. I also found out a blog, which seemingly belonged to her. And I also found a poem posted in a cancer support site with her name on it (So I assume it was written by her). I didn't even know that she was in a cancer support 'group'! So today I will post that poem.

Benang-Benang Kedamaian
By Caesarina Pujirohyati

Disini, di bawah satu langit, kami rangkul waktu
mengumpul asa yang terserak dalam tekad
tangan saling menggenggam erat, membagi tiap-tiap beban
kekuatan tertumpu pada panjang renungan
sejauh apa kami telah bertahan

Jiwa kami berbalutkan tonggak iman
mengembara bersama angin, laut,menolak ketakutan
bahkan matahari telah meleleh di genggaman
Lihat, saudaraku
kami kuat dan kami bertahan

Jangan beri kami belas kasihan
kami cuma butuh pengakuan
kasih sayang, penghargaan, adalah pelita
membuat malam kami penuh cahaya

Bukan sisa hidup yang kami sesalkan
tapi tak bisa berdiri sama tegak meraih impian
Tuhan tahu, kami sangat mampu lakukan
Lihat, saudaraku
kami kuat, dan kami bertahan

Hingga Fajar terbit kembali esok hari
kami setia merajut mimpi
dalam benang-benang kedamaian hati…

Minggu, 09 November 2014

Never Happened quotes

*Alfred : You can come out now, little girl.....
Genevieve : It's him?
Elle : Ssh!
Alfred : I know you're there.....my cute little girl.....
Genevieve : Who's he's calling 'cute'?!!!

*Alfred : Your presence will cease to exist, Robert. The rest of this shall never happened.

*Elle : (to Genevieve) I've never trusted anyone so much since my father's death

*Charles : (His last word) Sur...vive...

*Charles : Do you feel different?

*Harriet : Robert, where are you?!
Robert : I'm here. I'm always here.
Harriet : Where?
(Harriet sees the mirror)
Harriet : (gasp) Were you there all the time?
Robert : Yes. Didn't you see me?
Harriet : No!

The Time

The paddles were of biscuits
I was relaxing and paddling
A sailing marshmallow
On a chocolate lake

Let me be inside
And my thoughts content me
If ye knock, I will bite
Nothing alive shall touch me

Hush! Hush it!
Don't you hear?
The obnoxious drums in my ears?
Aye! halt your breathing!

Why do God punish me?
I sought no men, nor touch one
I should be awarded!
Yet He crushed my body instead
I'm on the verge of death!

I could not stop the bleeding
I will pull the trigger
My day is very tiring
I will have my eighth dinner

I shall be in charge
Of every human being
There you must go, have no heart!
For no one had done things right

This is what comes to a lady
And makes her a ferocious fury

Pippin's song

Pippin's song (The Edge Of Night)
from The Lord Of the Rings

Home is behind
The world ahead
And there are many paths to thread
Through shadow
To the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow
Cloud and shade
All shall fade
All shall...

Selasa, 04 November 2014

Lazy Girl

Nay, down with the curtain!
No light shall shine upon me
Hush, step off my throne!
For you shall touch me not
Halt with the quake!
I must not be dethroned!

I met a beauty in heaven
Yet you made it hell!
Lower your voice, my dear
You frightened all the angels!
I begged them to stay
But you made them taking wings!

I was in a city, my dear
That was ruled by a loving queen
And the people were joyful
And unbelievably loyal

The queen was never cruel
Yet she had her grants
She slept on the centre of a cloud
And floated up in the sky
She could sense the summer breeze
That moved her bed along the way
To gaze upon the cattles underneath
And the green field of grass
Where her people's children
Sang her a soothing folk song
And that queen was me

So never wake me
Let me dream
And die in peace

Minggu, 02 November 2014

Cantabille (Aaron's poem about Genevieve)

"How about me, Aaron?" Her voice explained her hidden intention.
"You?" His eyebrows raised.
"I asked you to make a poem about Elle, now what about me? Can you....make a poem about me?" She showed her shy nature.
"You like it when I do that, eh?" Aaron let out a gentle laugh. He took his dear Margaret and his finger started to dance with her. Through a gliding bow on a string, Genevieve could hear a lovely sound of music, which she recognized as Paganini's classical piece.

Cantabille (Aaron's poem about Genevieve)

Is it so peculiar to say?
That I find beauty in her complication?

What dwells in her mind
Never fails to make me wonder
She was one of a kind
For I can not keep my sight off her

Her words and thoughts were a bliss
That no other one can tell
Her sweet smile was my wish
Everytime I went through hell

She is sensitive, I must say
Which made me has a friend to babble around
She always wanders along the way
But does she want to be found?

I always admire
How she doesn't need the aid of a man
I also admire
How she works, how independent

She taught me to see
The even smallest light in the dark
She is a precious, precious gem to me
And how I miss it everytime we lark

She sees everything I look not
A kindness that stays within
A joy that's buried deep
A purity of one's intention
A pulchritude in a dying hope
A brilliant perceiver, she is

Sometimes I wonder
What am I to her?
The other times I ponder
Am I worthy of her?

Girl with flaxen hair (Aaron's poem about Elle)

"Can't you make a poem?" Genevieve hid her excitement, yet sounded challenging to the young violinist's ears.
"No, I only do music, I don't do poems..." Aaron turned down the challenge, letting out a small chuckle.
"Off course you can, try Elle..."
"Yeah! Try making a poem about her. What do you think of Elle?"

Girl with flaxen hair (Aaron’s poem about Elle)

A wonderful maiden she is
A brilliant mind of wits she has
A savior for my dark days
And an angel for a lonely boy

She brought miracles to my life
She taught me how to stand up and rise
It is no one but me who is impressed
By the truth that I have been blessed

Screw the rhymes; I’m not good at poems
But her presence makes me think the other way
That her presence is like, the complicated, lovely lines of symphony
Which sounds at its finest when she enters the room

She is a terrific scientist
An enormous thinker
A dearest friend
And will always be “the girl”

Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014

Leona Clarke (Again)

I made minor changes to her appearance. For the birthday part, I used the same brown boots as the one she wears during the "subway'" part since I realized that she wouldn't have enough time to change them. I changed the heeled ankle boots to military boots since it makes more sense (I don't even know how she could find a heeled ankle boots in the middle of military camp?). And then for the last pic ("Men...") I changed the dress to cover her necklace (to symbolizes that she has gotten over the past, but still remembers) and I also changed her hairstyle. Enjoy the randomness of this post.

Poses of Leona Clarke

1. "Birthday"

2. "Subway"

3. "Javier"



Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014


This will be the first time I've ever posted a "Symbols-only" poetry,  meaning that this will only consist of symbols and no letters. I wrote this many times ago, probably the shortest poetry I've ever written. Inspired by E.E Cumming's "rpophessagr". Enjoy.

===> ^…^!!!

Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Li Bai

I was looking for a new idea to write another poetry and then I remembered a hilarious story about a chinese poet who died drowning because he wanted to kiss the reflection of the moon. That was the silliest, dumbest way to die in my opinion x'DDD, but probably thats just because of my dark sense of humor, so....
Anyway, I decided to write yet another poetry *Crowd booing*that was based on this story. This will be my third moon-related poetry (I really got a thing for moon :D). So, enjoy...

In case you didn't know the chinese poet name was Li Bai. And that is the title of this moon poetry *laughs*

Li Bai
By Hawun Harati

He was never of a bother
He only wanted to be alone
Wandering off to somewhere quieter
And gazing stars over the rhone

He came out in the morning
And wind was his guide
People are always thinking
"Ha! What a poet"

He walked in a field of roses
And never mind their thorns
He gazed at the herds of horses
And almost got run over

He let his days being filled by dreams
And live to thrive on beauty
"Ah! How fair!" he exclaimed
Once he saw a white butterfly

It was a long night
How unsettled he was
"What brings you fright?"
How curious people was

Then he couldn't fade into dreams
And anxiously waiting to sleep
His feather ran out of ink
His words were undeep

There, he looked outside of his wooden house
The full moon was shining enchantingly
From his mind then came a purpose
"How fair! I shall worship thee"

Thus, he walked into the night
And borrow a boat from a fine rower
He gazed above, what a magnificent light
He was neither conscious nor sober

"Thou art an infinite perfection!"
"An absolute winsome of aesthetics"
"Thou invited me with exquisite illumination"
"And allured me from my rest"

There were only quiet waves
And the reflection was on the water
There, she shone so bright
One of the greatness of nature

"For that I desire thy lips"

She didn't grant his wish
And gave him the reflection instead
As he ended the kiss
She made water filled his head

He drowned into beauty
And becomes one with it

Sabtu, 20 September 2014

Analysis of "Penghuni Jahat"

This will be another analysis of my own work, which is a rhyme. So this rhyme is clearly a spoof for the survival-horror game Resident Evil. But I don't own Resident Evil and there characters and other properties, this rhyme was just a fan fiction, they are all belong to Capcom.

I also modeled Leona from Leon Kennedy, as you can obviously see from their names. The other similarities that they both have is they both faced the zombie apocalypse unprepared. While Leon is a rookie, Leona is only a teenager celebrating her birthday.  I made Leona a teenager to emphasize the struggle she has to face to survive, both physical and emotional. But unlike Leon, which probably had some training in his previous academy, Leona has no fighting skills. She learns from experience, one zombie after another, which is physically challenging for a girl that rarely goes out from her home (This is implied). Teenagers are not yet emotionally mature, which would explain her temper when she killed the creatures unforgivingly after she saw them mauling her parents. Her innocence she once had suddenly lost in a day, due to the fact that she must kill her best friend to protect herself. The main theme of this rhyme is loss of innocence and struggles of adolescence.

The death of her parents represent the absence of authority, where teenagers have to have responsibilities without being told what to do and won't need their parents anymore to make a choice. I lost my mom when I had just started high school, so I know what it feels like to be a teenager without complete parents. It's quite confusing sometimes, because I usually ask her which one should I choose for second opinion. But in the end, I make a choice myself.

The line which is about "The creatures" mauling her parents represents Leona's unpreparedness. She still relies on her parents, and suddenly they are taken away. It was a shock for her and maybe all teenagers feel that way when they start high school. This could also symbolizes divorce, because both unpreparedness and divorce has a sense of loss. This line shares similar meaning with when Leona runs away from the restaurant and sees people being chased by zombies. She had entered a 'real' world where people have their own problems and responsibilities, as if they were chasing the people away. If they don't know how to face their problems (in this rhyme as 'fighting zombies') they will be 'consumed' by them (in this rhyme as being consumed literally). Leona is finally away from her comfort zone, where she was usually being served (the restaurant symbolize this) to being able to do things her own, even though she was shocked to see things that doesn't fit into her expectations (which also represent my idealism).

The 'scene' when she killed her own bestfriend represents my trust issues and insecurities. She ran away when her bestfriend attacked her (represents my dislike of confrontation) and killed her when she had almost killed Leona (this 'scene' represents me cutting off my social life). The killing 'scene' also represent my loss of innocence (in which I am oblivious to the bad things in life) because sometimes, justice must be done even though it will hurt the ones I love. Problems will attack us at times we don't expect, so we have to be always ready to face it.

Near the end of the rhyme, the scene where Leona wandered around the ghost town alone represents a struggle teenagers usually have to fit into a society. We're searching for our identity. Teenagers will feel lonely once they don't fit in, this is why Leona is strolling alone. Because I don't fit in -_-.

The "small cave" represents my home, I referred it as a cave because I feel more relaxed in isolation. The similar one is the part that explains her relationship with her friends (Which is implied to be few) that explains that Leona is an introvert, just like me.

The part about how Leona is always excited everytime she made a fire, is to explain my inability to cook. I have just learned how to cook (Which is actually just boiling instant noodles) recently, so I was totally inexperienced and retarded about cooking....

The last part about how Leona looks at her reflection and wanted to go home, is to explain my excessively reflective nature, and that I want to find somewhere I belong to. Because that sense of belonging gives me a feeling of being home.

So I think, that's all for now...

Selasa, 16 September 2014

Drama "Tragedi dan Ayah"

Yesterday, I had an idea to write a play script for the sake of remembering the times when I was still in the Theatre Club ( I miss those days, though). And my mind also wandered to this graphic novel version of Chicken soup for the soul I read when I was still in junior high school. So I got inspired and I wrote this. I tried my best, and it's also in indonesian. This is gonna be a very emo post, kind of like a shitty sinetron, so if you don't want me to ruin your day then don't read this post. "Enjoy"

               TRAGEDI DAN AYAH
                By Sarah Hawun R.

Kru panggung bersiap-siap menata panggung. Sofa, lampu berdiri, meja dan kursinya (3). Lalu ada penggantung baju terletak di tembok panggung. Ada double tape dan gunting diatas meja. Ayah masuk panggung , membawa kertas banyak dan bolpen, lalu duduk di kursi.

Lampu panggung menyala, menyorot seluruh panggung

Ana (anak-anak) masuk panggung membawa kertas yg ada gambarnya.

Ana : (Girang) Pa! pa! lihat deh aku bikin gambar!!

Ayah : (Tidak memerhatikan, tetap bekerja) hmmh

Ana : Nanti digantung ya pa?

Ayah : iya

Ana : disitu ya pa?

Ayah : (Nada membentak) iya! iya!

Ana takut, meletakkan gambarnya di meja, lalu berjalan keluar panggung

Ayah tempel gambar lain, pergi keluar panggung.

Ana masuk panggung lagi, kecewa lihatnya, ngambek , dia duduk di sofa.

Ibu masuk panggung.

Ibu : Assalamualaikum

Ana : (merengut) walaikum salam

Ibu : Sayang? ada apa kok wajahnya cemberut?

Ana : Papa itu! tukang bohong!! katanya mau gantung gambarku, ternyata malah gantung gambar lain!

Ibu : Oh itu...Mana coba gambarnya, sini mama liat.

Ana : Gak boleh. Gambarnya jelek. Papa aja gak mau gantung.

Ibu : Itu ya gambarnya? (Mengambil gambarnya dari atas meja makan) Masa begini jelek? bagus kok. Ini rumah nenek kan?

Ana : iya.

Ibu : Papa itu lagi repot, nanti kalau udah besar, kamu bakal kerja. Nah kerjaan ini yang bikin papa repot. Kan cari duit buat hidup kita.

Ana : Emangnya semua orangtua itu repot, ma?

Ibu : Gak juga. Mama enggak, nih. Pokoknya hal-hal yang jelek itu gak usah dipikirin. Gambar kamu bagus kok. Fokus ke yang baik aja. Gak usah ngambek lagi ya?

Ana : (mengangguk)

Ibu : Senyum dulu dong...

Ana : (senyum)

Ibu : Naah, gitu dong anak mama...

(Panggung gelap,ganti scene)

Ayah sudah di panggung duluan

Ana sudah remaja, ia masuk panggung, sambil senang

Ana : (Girang) Aaa! aku ditembak si dia pa! akhirnyaa!! udah lama kutunggu akhirnya kita jadian juga!!

Ayah : (Menulis di meja, tidak memerhatikan) Hmmh.

Ana : Masa lo pa, dia tadi pegang tanganku sambil bawa-bawa bunga! itu tuh romantis banget tahu pa!

Ayah : Iya

Ana : (Mendekat, menyentuh pundak Ayah) Pa... papa kok ga ngerespon sih?

Ayah : Papa lagi sibuk. Nanti aja.

Ana : (Pergi menjauh dari meja, duduk di sofa) huh.
Mesti gak dengerin.

(Panggung gelap, scene ganti)

Ana sudah dewasa, semua orang lagi di meja makan. Ana dan Ibu makan, sedangkan Ayah baca koran.

Ana : Padahal tadi hampir salah satu lo, ma. Aku hampir salah hitung. Tapi untung aku inget ajarannya pak Khoir.

Ibu : Gak apa, kan yang penting udah lolos. Mau lanjut kemana nih jadinya?

Ana : Oh, aku belum kasih tahu ya? aku daftar jadi pramugari

Ayah : (berhenti membalik-balik koran)

Ibu : Pramugari? enak dong kita nanti naik pesawat gratis, hahahaha

Ana : Iya tapi aku harus dilatih dulu ma, minggu depan ada camp buat pelatihan keadaan darurat.

Ibu : Wah keren dong sekaligus jadi perawat juga.

Ana : Iya sih, tapi cuma dasar-dasarnya aja.

Ayah berdiri dari kursinya, dan keluar panggung. Ibu dan Ana menatap Ayah.

Lampu gelap, ganti scene

Ana : Hari pertama nih, Ana berangkat dulu ya ma!

Ibu : Iya, hati-hati!

Ayah lari masuk panggung sambil bawa surat.

Ayah : Ana! Tunggu!

Ana : Oh iya, aku belum pamit papa. (salim)

Ayah : Ini (kasih suratnya)

Ana : (Menatap suratnya , lalu melanjutkan perpisahan) yahudah deh dadah semuaa!

Ibu : Dadaah (melambai)

Ayah : (Melambai)

Lampu gelap, scene ganti, scene terakhir

Sudah berbulan-bulan Ana tidak di rumah karena kontrak kerjanya 6 bulan. Ibu dan Ayah sudah di panggung sebelum lampu dinyalakan. Ayah di meja makan, mengurusi kertas dan dokumen untuk pekerjaannya, tetapi terlihat khawatir. Ibu membaca koran di ruang tamu. Wanita masuk panggung. Terdengar suara ketukan pintu.

(Efek suara ketukan pintu)

Ibu : Ya? Siapa itu? (buka pintu)

Wanita : Permisi, apa ini rumah orangtua Ana?

Ibu : Ya betul. Silakan masuk.

(Mereka dan Ayah duduk di ruang tamu)

Ayah : Ada apa ya?

Wanita : Saya teman dekatnya. Waktu tugas dia pesan sama saya, katanya saya disuruh nyampaikan ini.

Ibu : nyampaikan apa?

Wanita : Kalo dia minta maaf ke ayahnya, dan terima kasih ke ibunya.

Ibu : Kembali kasih. Terus dia kabarnya gimana sekarang?

Hening sejenak

Wanita : Anu bu, waktu penerbangannya saya gak ikut jadi kru, tapi di kantongnya saya ketemu ini (memperlihatkan sepucuk surat)

Ayah : Kenapa kamu gopoh kantongnya?

Hening sejenak

Wanita : Maaf, saya waktu itu gak ikut pak, jadi saya gak tahu kenapa. Pesawatnya...
jatuh pak.

Ayah : (Khawatir) Terus anakku gimana? Ana gimana??!!

Wanita : Maaf pak. Yang selamat
Gak ada.

Ayah menatap tak percaya, Ibu sadar, menutup mulutnya.

Semua menangis, Ayah histeris

Pelan pelan lampu meredup ditemani narasi : (Suara Ayah)
Ana, Maaf papa cuma bisa nulis surat ini ke kamu. Maaf papa gak pernah gantung gambarmu di tembok. Maaf papa gak pernah dengerin kamu curhat. Maaf papa selalu sibuk. Maaf papa gak bisa menuhin permintaanmu. Papa bangga kamu jadi pramugari, tapi sebelum kamu pergi papa cuma minta satu hal. Tolong pulang dengan selamat. Maafin papa ya.

Selasa, 09 September 2014


Tak fakta, abaikan saja
Tak logika, musnahkan saja
Dasar tak berguna
Seni untuk apa?

Kita bukan orang jawa
Kita tak pelit harta
Kau tak butuh ayah
Memangnya kau tahu apa?

Sedikit salah
Dibalas amarah
Menunggu badai reda
"Mama dimana?"

Emas belum digali
Angan setinggi matahari
Aksara tak mengerti
"Begitu saja emosi"
"Tak bisakah menahan diri?"

"Kok bertengkar,lagi?"
Kapan berhenti?
"Mama dimana?"
Masuk sana!

"Dasar anak kecil"
"Tak bakal ia berhasil"

Kau datang, polosnya muka
Penuh dengan api manusia
Antar keluarga dan orangtua
"Kalau begitu, cerai saja!"
"Kau di pihak mana?"

Lama-lama hilang sendiri
Saat semua sudah cukup
Mencoba untuk berdiri
Tapi jatuh terkelungkup
Dan terlambat menyadari
Bahwa aku hanya ingin hidup
Di dunia yang mati

Rabu, 03 September 2014

Evolution of Leona Clarke


Chilling before the storm


Birthday Party







Selasa, 02 September 2014

Ilmuwan Part 2

Akulah ilmuwan
Aku punya banyak pertanyaan
Aku tak kenal Tuhan
Itu semua hanya khayalan

Akulah ilmuwan dunia
Aku harus tahu "mengapa"
Jika jawabannya tak ada
Aku akan mengganggu mereka

Aku tak peduli bajuku
Apalagi rontoknya rambutku
Kepalaku seterang matahari
Karena adanya hukum dispersi

Semua hal harus fakta
Yang bisa dipegang, didengus, dirasa
Dan dilihat mata
Maka itu ada

Kebetulan itu tak pernah ada
Semua ada alasannya
Bahkan warna tumbuhan Rosacea
Ada karena hasil reaksi kimia

Manusia dan alam semesta
Ada dengan sendirinya
Kita adalah kera
Banggalah, para mamalia

Semua hal kuukur teliti
Matematika itu gampang sekali
Kalian bodoh sekali
Begini saja tidak mengerti

Akulah ilmuwan sejati
Aku hanya menulis puisi
Untuk nilai saya semata
Karena tujuan saya ada

Seniman Part 2

Akulah seniman
Bakatku bermain peran
Latihanku berteriak di halaman
Tak peduli orang menatap heran

Puisiku menggebu-gebu
Aku tak keramas dua minggu
Tak peduli lusuhnya baju
Lihatlah kilau rambutku

Akulah seniman termahsyur
Makananku hanya sayur
Kuat mentalku harus diatur
Jadi kutidur dalam lumpur

Ku hina orang demi peranku
Kubiarkan orang menggangguku
Agar kuatkan mentalku
Ku goda wanita demi egoku
Tak perlu peduli moralku

Politik itu omongan basi
Aku suka berargumentasi
Dan demi ideku, aku berdemonstrasi
Walau akhirnya menjadi anarki

Aku percaya semua
Hal di dunia ini indah
Bunga itu indah
Meja itu indah
Kloset itu indah
Mayat itu indah
Anak-anak bermain itu indah
Orang gila itu indah
Tameng kepala suku itu indah
Permen itu indah
Tahu itupun indah

Dengarlah, hai kawan
Semua ini hanya lawakan
Dan lagi, tak berlaku semua insan
Tak perlu dianggap demikian

Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014


Akulah ilmuwan sejati
Aku tak butuh puisi

Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014


Akulah seniman
Aku yang meludah di jalan
Hobiku menghina pemerintahan
Putung rokok kubuang sembarangan

Akulah seniman sejati
Yang kerjanya hanya memaki
Kutolak yang tak sesuai hati
Dan membantai mimpi sendiri

Akulah seniman dunia
Agama kuhina
Kupegang dada-dada
Demi seni semata

Akulah seniman bahagia
Yang melawan etika
Kucibiri yang kaya
Dan miskin kubela

Aku hidup dalam ide sendiri
"Hidupku untuk seni"
"Semua yang naik mercy
Pasti korupsi"

Sadarlah, hai kawanku
Tak semua orang begitu
Sadarlah seniman sejiwaku
Tak perlu mengejar mawar biru

Senin, 11 Agustus 2014


I was bored while this art teacher was teaching me, cause nothing he said was artistic. So I made a mockery rhyme (which is in indonesian) and tried to draw a portrait of him. Here we go :


Senyumlah pak
Walau 5 menit saja
Bahagialah pak
Walau sehari saja

Tertawalah pak
Tak semua hal di dunia sampah
Diam dan tersenyumlah pak
Tak usah menyalahkan pemerintah

Tak perlu berdendam begitu, pak
Simpan saja argumenmu
Tak perlu mengeluh begitu, pak
Nikmati saja hidupmu

Carilah hobi lain, pak
Karena komplain bukan hobi
Bahagiakan hidupmu pak
Sebelum waktunya mati

Matahari kan bersinar pak
Tak perlu pesimis begitu
Harapan pasti ada pak
Tak perlu membodoh-bodohi kami begitu

Mulailah mengajar, pak
Jangan komplain terus
Makanlah yang banyak pak
Jangan kurus-kurus

Jadilah guru yang senang pak
Yang bisa bercanda
Tenang pak, tenang
Tak perlu menghina agama saya

Santai pak, santai
Dan berhentilah mendoktrinasi
Pelajaran tak sampai pak, tak sampai
Jangan semua idemu diberi

Selasa, 05 Agustus 2014

Penghuni Jahat

So, as I said that I was working on a rhyme, which is in indonesian, here it is. I find this one funny due to the video game reference, but the video game and its content do not belong to me, this is just some sort of a fan fiction. Thanks a lot for my dad and my sister, who had helped me in a search for a 'right' word :D. This is, so far, the longest rhyme I have ever written. Here we go :

Penghuni Jahat
By Yvonna Faust

Gadis itu berkulit terang
Terkadang gelap diterka siang
Ia bermantel hitam dan bercelana kelabu
Boots eboni untuk sepatu

Sendiri, Ia berkeliaran
Memandang sekitar, mengharap makanan
Ia berpapasan dengan reruntuhan kota
Tempat itu bukanlah tempat untuk gadis belia

Ia menuruni lembah
Tempat tinggalnya gua kecil
Di seberang fjord yang lapang
Dekat dengan matahari

Disana adalah rumah Leona muda
Rambutnya ia urai lepas
Ia merebah di tempat kesayangannya
Lalu menyetel lagu lawas

Malam mencekam dan tidak bersahabat
Leona muda menggigil kedinginan
Ia terduduk, menuliskan wasiat
Apabila ada hal yang tak diinginkan

Malaikat pencabut nyawa
Hanya bercanda dengannya
Belum waktunya ia mati
Ia terlelap seperti bayi

Esok hari
Berhari hari ia mengasah belati
Untuk hal yang dia tak taruh hati
Untuk menghindari bahaya
Dari mereka yg dulunya manusia

Mereka, yang merusak harinya
Mereka, yang mengacaukan ulang tahunnya
Mereka, yang membunuh orangtuanya
Mereka, yang buat ia setengah gila

Ia berkhayal tentang hidup lampaunya
Kala waktu ia merasa sendiri
Temannya hanya laba-laba
Dan senjata api dari mayat polisi

Ia terbayang orangtuanya
Tatapan hangat ayahnya
Sentuhan lembut ibunya
"Selamat ulang tahun sayang"

Hari itu masih dini
Lampu kamar Leona masih mati
Orangtuanya bernyanyi
Ditemani kue dan lilin
Leona senang bukan main

Ibunya memberi sepatu baru
Ayahnya memberi sebuah kartu
Dan berkata "Ini spesial"
"Untuk gadis yang berulang tahun!"

"Makan malam khusus untukmu"
Tulis kartu itu
"Jangan undang yang saya tak tahu"
Tambah Leona, masih terharu

Orangtuanya berkata
Tapi kami harus bekerja
Pergilah duluan
Menantilah jam lima
Dan ajaklah yang kau anggap teman

Leona menanti kedua orangtuanya
Sahabat karibnya ikut setia
Ini harinya, Ia tak sabar
T mendunia, Ia tak sadar

Leona tak pernah jadi pemesta
Kawannya hanya dua, atau tiga
Tapi jika ada, mereka tak hendak pisah
Karena hubungan yang begitu dalamnya

"Kenapa mereka lama?" Pikir Leona
"Astaga!" Seru sahabatnya
"Teleponku tertinggal di rumah!"
"Saya kan ambil disana"

Leona akhirnya menanti
Bukan dua, tapi tiga
Leona terduduk sendiri
Menunggu orang-orang yang ia cinta

Dua jam berlalu
Ia menunggu
Dan melihat seseorang di depan pintu
Berjalan bagai diseret, gerakannya kaku
"Siapa itu?"

Leona baru menyadari
Seharusnya ia tak tanya
Seharusnya ia lari
Karena itu bukan manusia

Ia beranjak terkejut dari kursinya
Saat makhluk itu masuk dan mengejarnya
Ia terbirit-birit, berarah ngawur
Lalu sembunyi di dapur

Makhluk itu mendesis dan parau suaranya
Darah dan daging melengket di mulutnya
Di tangannya ada luka tak tertutup
Taringnya siap mengoyak yang hidup

Leona berdoa kepada Sang Kuasa
Agar selamat keluar dari dapur
Setelah ia tahu kesempatannya
Ia merayap untuk kabur

Keberuntungan tak memihaknya
Makhluk itu menoleh kepadanya
Leona ketakutan, ia berdebar-debar
Makhluk itu menatap lapar

Makhluk itu melompat ke arahnya
Sekilas, ia masih setengah manusia
Makhluk itu mencoba menggigitnya
Leona histeris, berjuang untuk nyawanya
Dan sadar akan adanya senjata

Ia menendang lepas makhluk itu
Lalu lari terburu-buru
Untuk mengambil pisau
Sebelum keadaan tambah kacau

Makhluk itu menyerang dan ia menusuknya
Dan menembus kepala, sebelah dahi
Makhluk itu menggelepar dan berdarah
Sadar diri, Leona menatap ngeri
Karena nyawa pertama yang diambilnya
Adalah sahabatnya sendiri

Mata birunya berkaca-kaca
Temannya, sahabat karibnya
Sejak masa kecilnya
Sudah tiada

Tragedi itu dihempas oleh ketukan
Bukan, bukan ketukan
Gedoran. Gedoran penuh amarah
Ia langsung menghapus air matanya

Ia mengintip dari jendela
Diluar berkumpul orang-orang terluka
Yang menyenggak parau, mendesis
Dan berteriak histeris

Leona panik, ngeri
Harapnya ini mimpi
Dan bertanya ke diri sendiri
"Yang gila saya
Atau orang semua?"

Leona melihat televisi di dalam restoran
Matanya menatap ngeri dan heran
Katanya, "Warga, cepatlah mengungsi"
"Kota Rakun tak aman lagi"

Ia berlari keluar dari restoran
Setelah mencabut pisau dari kepala temannya
Air matanya tak mampu ditahan
Dihantui dosa dan kesalahannya

Lagi, isakannya terhenti
Makhluk-makhluk itu mengejar yang lain
Mereka berkeliaran lepas di jalanan
Manusia mereka anggap makanan

Ia berlari, mencari orangtuanya
Dan menoleh ke seberang jalanan
Mobil itu terbalik dan berasap
Leona kenal nomor polisinya

Hatinya hancur, tak percaya
Melihat mayat orangtuanya
Ayahnya tinggal tulang saja
Makhluk itu mengoyak ibunya

Ia marah, menggila
Masa remajanya direnggut sia-sia
Kepolosannya hilang seketika
Makhluk-makhluk itu dibantainya

Jam mendetikkan waktu berdarah
Hidup jadi keras seketika
Yang hidup biarkan saja
Yang suri bunuhlah ia

Rambut pirangnya sudah kusam
Lalu ia bernyanyi sendiri
Untuk lupakan hal-hal kelam
Yang telah dia alami

Ia merayap di tembok rumahnya
Dan menyambut matahari
"Kayu bakarnya habis" katanya
Pada diri sendiri

Ia melangkah keluar gua
Dan berjalan dengan hati-hati
Tiga bulan membuat awas dia
Di kantongnya ada senjata api

Ia kembali dengan setumpuk ranting di genggamnya
Ia duduk lalu menggosokan kayu-kayu
Enam belas tahun ia hidup di dunia
Bila api tersulut, Ia tetap tak tahan haru

Ia mengambil potongan kaca dari sakunya
Ia gunakan untuk memotong ikan
Yang mati ditembaknya
Untuk persediaan makanan

Kaca itu rapuh, lemah
Hampir pecah karena tekanan benda
Kaca itu retak di tengah
Leona melihat dirinya

Bayangannya jelas di retakan kaca
Yang ia lihat hanya manusia yang hilang
Yang ingin bertemu keluarganya
Yang hanya hendak pulang

Senin, 28 Juli 2014

Ada Wong xD

I was playing Style Me Girl by Frenzoo, then since I'm currently playing Resident Evil 4 now, I randomly dressed the model up as Ada Wong.

The real picture of Ada Wong (RE4)

Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Sneak peek for my next 'rhyme'!

I'm currently working on a rhyme right now, which is in indonesian. And there's the story and this character involved. I use the game Frenzoo's Style Me Girl to imagine what this character look like and what she's wearing (yeah, it's a she). I do not own Style Me Girl. So here we go:

Leona Clarke's 'conditions' (in a particular order)

1. "Surprise!"
2. Birthday Party
3. Subway