Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

I Dreamed A Krom

This is what I sing to annoy my sister so that she would teach me physics and chemistry. I use the melody of I dreamed a dream but the song and other Les Miserables contents DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. This is just for fun :D.

"I dreamed a Krom"

Yang, ajarin saya fisika
Ajarin saya tentang fluida
Juga elastisitas benda
Juga gerakan parabola

Saya gak ngerti rumusnya
Ini dikali atau dibagi ya?
Kok hitungannya salah semua
Kok susah ya? Nggak tau ah!

Tapi besok ujian
Saya belum tahu caranya
Soalnya diapakan?
Nilai saya gimana aaaa aaa aa aaaaaaaaaaaaa?????

Guru saya gak ngajarin
Cuma ngasih soal terus pergi
Datang datang dimarahin
Tapi saya tetap gak ngerti

Ku mimpi bahwa nilaiku
Kan banggakan orangtuaku
Tapi aku lupa rumus mol
Dan...fisikaku dapat nol..........

Selasa, 20 Mei 2014


Little frog walks down the ground
Am I lost or am I found?
They dance a jolly evening
No matter what their papa think

By the midnight, she's alone
And breaks the chair she sits upon
The wind blow and the papers torn
A cold gaze makes a baby born

Spiders crawl into his mouth
And no one ever get it out
It was a lie I could not say
The oldman walks and then say hey

A tiny boy, he stares at fishes
Bring me a toy, He wishes
But it was no craft nor spell
The witch shall halfed the letter "L"

L for lie, L for love
D for die and D for dove
Adventure never worth a pint
They head to north, the sun will shine!

It ran away and stumbled
It lost its gay and dishumbled
Now I care not for the words
For this is a nonsense poem I wrote!