Selasa, 20 Mei 2014


Little frog walks down the ground
Am I lost or am I found?
They dance a jolly evening
No matter what their papa think

By the midnight, she's alone
And breaks the chair she sits upon
The wind blow and the papers torn
A cold gaze makes a baby born

Spiders crawl into his mouth
And no one ever get it out
It was a lie I could not say
The oldman walks and then say hey

A tiny boy, he stares at fishes
Bring me a toy, He wishes
But it was no craft nor spell
The witch shall halfed the letter "L"

L for lie, L for love
D for die and D for dove
Adventure never worth a pint
They head to north, the sun will shine!

It ran away and stumbled
It lost its gay and dishumbled
Now I care not for the words
For this is a nonsense poem I wrote!

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