Selasa, 01 Juli 2014


This isn't a poem, by the way (because this is obviously not poetic) this is a rhyme. At first I wanted to make a song, but since I am musically insensitive and I'm block-notes-blind, I decided to make this as a rhyme, instead.


Hello there!
It has been many months, hasn't it?
Yes I know this chance is rare
But it wouldn't be useful, would it?

No, I'm not on Kurt Cobain mode
You really don't need to worry
Yes, this is really odd
But I wish I could hug you, lady

Nah, don't worry about me
Everything's outstanding
My father's happy
But my grade's failing

Dad, he met this lady
She's so tall and they're so alike
It's quite painful, but I'm happy
No weaknesses should be shown, right?

I know, I know. You didn't teach me that
I somehow did myself, It's annoying me
Probably I'll die of heart attack
Nevermind, I shouldn't be so gloomy

Hildi gave birth to kittens, you know
Seriously, she needs to control her desire
I don't have that much money, you know
Because sometimes, cat food is hard to acquire

I still have trust issues to someone I just met
But you don't need to worry, I'm still fat
I still have to hide my burden in smile
But sometimes I need to be away for a while

How are you, lady?
How is the sweet old lady?
How is granddaddy?
Do you like your new company?

Is it comfy there?
Or is it dark there?
If it's comfy, I don't need to bring you Smiley, right?
If it's too dark, I could always bring you a flash light

Do you meet Him?
What's He like? Is He kind?
Sometimes I talk to Him
Whenever I have no one to find

Sometimes I'm bored, waiting to see another day
Sometimes I talk nonsense, I don't know what
But I constantly gazes at the sky and pray
Dear, God

Tell her I said "I'm sorry"
"And ask her to forgive me"
Tell  her I said "I love you"
"And I will always do"

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