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Analysis of "Penghuni Jahat"

This will be another analysis of my own work, which is a rhyme. So this rhyme is clearly a spoof for the survival-horror game Resident Evil. But I don't own Resident Evil and there characters and other properties, this rhyme was just a fan fiction, they are all belong to Capcom.

I also modeled Leona from Leon Kennedy, as you can obviously see from their names. The other similarities that they both have is they both faced the zombie apocalypse unprepared. While Leon is a rookie, Leona is only a teenager celebrating her birthday.  I made Leona a teenager to emphasize the struggle she has to face to survive, both physical and emotional. But unlike Leon, which probably had some training in his previous academy, Leona has no fighting skills. She learns from experience, one zombie after another, which is physically challenging for a girl that rarely goes out from her home (This is implied). Teenagers are not yet emotionally mature, which would explain her temper when she killed the creatures unforgivingly after she saw them mauling her parents. Her innocence she once had suddenly lost in a day, due to the fact that she must kill her best friend to protect herself. The main theme of this rhyme is loss of innocence and struggles of adolescence.

The death of her parents represent the absence of authority, where teenagers have to have responsibilities without being told what to do and won't need their parents anymore to make a choice. I lost my mom when I had just started high school, so I know what it feels like to be a teenager without complete parents. It's quite confusing sometimes, because I usually ask her which one should I choose for second opinion. But in the end, I make a choice myself.

The line which is about "The creatures" mauling her parents represents Leona's unpreparedness. She still relies on her parents, and suddenly they are taken away. It was a shock for her and maybe all teenagers feel that way when they start high school. This could also symbolizes divorce, because both unpreparedness and divorce has a sense of loss. This line shares similar meaning with when Leona runs away from the restaurant and sees people being chased by zombies. She had entered a 'real' world where people have their own problems and responsibilities, as if they were chasing the people away. If they don't know how to face their problems (in this rhyme as 'fighting zombies') they will be 'consumed' by them (in this rhyme as being consumed literally). Leona is finally away from her comfort zone, where she was usually being served (the restaurant symbolize this) to being able to do things her own, even though she was shocked to see things that doesn't fit into her expectations (which also represent my idealism).

The 'scene' when she killed her own bestfriend represents my trust issues and insecurities. She ran away when her bestfriend attacked her (represents my dislike of confrontation) and killed her when she had almost killed Leona (this 'scene' represents me cutting off my social life). The killing 'scene' also represent my loss of innocence (in which I am oblivious to the bad things in life) because sometimes, justice must be done even though it will hurt the ones I love. Problems will attack us at times we don't expect, so we have to be always ready to face it.

Near the end of the rhyme, the scene where Leona wandered around the ghost town alone represents a struggle teenagers usually have to fit into a society. We're searching for our identity. Teenagers will feel lonely once they don't fit in, this is why Leona is strolling alone. Because I don't fit in -_-.

The "small cave" represents my home, I referred it as a cave because I feel more relaxed in isolation. The similar one is the part that explains her relationship with her friends (Which is implied to be few) that explains that Leona is an introvert, just like me.

The part about how Leona is always excited everytime she made a fire, is to explain my inability to cook. I have just learned how to cook (Which is actually just boiling instant noodles) recently, so I was totally inexperienced and retarded about cooking....

The last part about how Leona looks at her reflection and wanted to go home, is to explain my excessively reflective nature, and that I want to find somewhere I belong to. Because that sense of belonging gives me a feeling of being home.

So I think, that's all for now...

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