Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Li Bai

I was looking for a new idea to write another poetry and then I remembered a hilarious story about a chinese poet who died drowning because he wanted to kiss the reflection of the moon. That was the silliest, dumbest way to die in my opinion x'DDD, but probably thats just because of my dark sense of humor, so....
Anyway, I decided to write yet another poetry *Crowd booing*that was based on this story. This will be my third moon-related poetry (I really got a thing for moon :D). So, enjoy...

In case you didn't know the chinese poet name was Li Bai. And that is the title of this moon poetry *laughs*

Li Bai
By Hawun Harati

He was never of a bother
He only wanted to be alone
Wandering off to somewhere quieter
And gazing stars over the rhone

He came out in the morning
And wind was his guide
People are always thinking
"Ha! What a poet"

He walked in a field of roses
And never mind their thorns
He gazed at the herds of horses
And almost got run over

He let his days being filled by dreams
And live to thrive on beauty
"Ah! How fair!" he exclaimed
Once he saw a white butterfly

It was a long night
How unsettled he was
"What brings you fright?"
How curious people was

Then he couldn't fade into dreams
And anxiously waiting to sleep
His feather ran out of ink
His words were undeep

There, he looked outside of his wooden house
The full moon was shining enchantingly
From his mind then came a purpose
"How fair! I shall worship thee"

Thus, he walked into the night
And borrow a boat from a fine rower
He gazed above, what a magnificent light
He was neither conscious nor sober

"Thou art an infinite perfection!"
"An absolute winsome of aesthetics"
"Thou invited me with exquisite illumination"
"And allured me from my rest"

There were only quiet waves
And the reflection was on the water
There, she shone so bright
One of the greatness of nature

"For that I desire thy lips"

She didn't grant his wish
And gave him the reflection instead
As he ended the kiss
She made water filled his head

He drowned into beauty
And becomes one with it

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