Rabu, 26 November 2014

Glitter party style

This will be yet another Style Me Girl post, God I really love this game, I really like the dresses and I love playing with the model.

Senin, 24 November 2014

Red Wedding dress

I love this dress. The people from Frenzoo are awesome designers.

Kamis, 20 November 2014


So, I randomly had an idea about writing this very short story during my indonesian class. So I wrote this. Intended for my weird sense of humor.."enjoy"

            By : Hawun Harati

"Balikiin!!!" Mel melengking, berebutan handphone dengan adiknya.

"Melly cinta Fahri! Melly cinta Fahri!!!" Ejek Sarah sambil bernyanyi di sela-sela tawanya.

"Kita cuma SMSan!! Kita belum jadian!!" Kata Mel kesal.

" 'Belum'!!!!" Goda adiknya, dengan mengutip kata-kata kakaknya.

"Aah!! Terserahlah!" Sang kakak malu sambil tetap tertawa. Mel akhirnya berhasil mengambil handphonenya kembali.

"Looo" Sarah melongo, menatap kekalahannya.

Mel menjulurkan lidah ke adiknya, dan Sarah pun membalas dengan hal yang sama. Mereka adalah saudara yang hanya berbeda satu tahun. Mereka tumbuh bersama, berkembang bersama dan selalu bermain bersama. Walaupun terkadang bertengkar, mereka selalu mendapatkan cara untuk menjaga keharmonisan sesama. Salah satu dari mereka selalu mencairkan suasana.

Sarah merasa haus setelah bercanda dan belincai dengan kakaknya. Ia beranjak dari tempat tidur yang daritadi didudukinya, dan berjalan mendekati pintu.

"Mau kemana?" Tanya sang kakak

"Ambil minum di bawah"  Jawab sang adik.

"Minum obatmu lo ya!" Mel mengingatkan.

"Tenang kak.. aku gak bakal ninggalin kakak kok." katanya sambil terkekeh.

Besoknya, Sarah meninggal.

Minggu, 16 November 2014


Ever since my mum's death, I have planned to publish her literary works. But few days after the funeral, her facebook account; where she wrote most of her works in; is blocked and I unfortunately do not know the password. So I lost the evidences that prove that my mum used to be a darn good poet. I also found out a blog, which seemingly belonged to her. And I also found a poem posted in a cancer support site with her name on it (So I assume it was written by her). I didn't even know that she was in a cancer support 'group'! So today I will post that poem.

Benang-Benang Kedamaian
By Caesarina Pujirohyati

Disini, di bawah satu langit, kami rangkul waktu
mengumpul asa yang terserak dalam tekad
tangan saling menggenggam erat, membagi tiap-tiap beban
kekuatan tertumpu pada panjang renungan
sejauh apa kami telah bertahan

Jiwa kami berbalutkan tonggak iman
mengembara bersama angin, laut,menolak ketakutan
bahkan matahari telah meleleh di genggaman
Lihat, saudaraku
kami kuat dan kami bertahan

Jangan beri kami belas kasihan
kami cuma butuh pengakuan
kasih sayang, penghargaan, adalah pelita
membuat malam kami penuh cahaya

Bukan sisa hidup yang kami sesalkan
tapi tak bisa berdiri sama tegak meraih impian
Tuhan tahu, kami sangat mampu lakukan
Lihat, saudaraku
kami kuat, dan kami bertahan

Hingga Fajar terbit kembali esok hari
kami setia merajut mimpi
dalam benang-benang kedamaian hati…

Minggu, 09 November 2014

Never Happened quotes

*Alfred : You can come out now, little girl.....
Genevieve : It's him?
Elle : Ssh!
Alfred : I know you're there.....my cute little girl.....
Genevieve : Who's he's calling 'cute'?!!!

*Alfred : Your presence will cease to exist, Robert. The rest of this shall never happened.

*Elle : (to Genevieve) I've never trusted anyone so much since my father's death

*Charles : (His last word) Sur...vive...

*Charles : Do you feel different?

*Harriet : Robert, where are you?!
Robert : I'm here. I'm always here.
Harriet : Where?
(Harriet sees the mirror)
Harriet : (gasp) Were you there all the time?
Robert : Yes. Didn't you see me?
Harriet : No!

The Time

The paddles were of biscuits
I was relaxing and paddling
A sailing marshmallow
On a chocolate lake

Let me be inside
And my thoughts content me
If ye knock, I will bite
Nothing alive shall touch me

Hush! Hush it!
Don't you hear?
The obnoxious drums in my ears?
Aye! halt your breathing!

Why do God punish me?
I sought no men, nor touch one
I should be awarded!
Yet He crushed my body instead
I'm on the verge of death!

I could not stop the bleeding
I will pull the trigger
My day is very tiring
I will have my eighth dinner

I shall be in charge
Of every human being
There you must go, have no heart!
For no one had done things right

This is what comes to a lady
And makes her a ferocious fury

Pippin's song

Pippin's song (The Edge Of Night)
from The Lord Of the Rings

Home is behind
The world ahead
And there are many paths to thread
Through shadow
To the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow
Cloud and shade
All shall fade
All shall...

Selasa, 04 November 2014

Lazy Girl

Nay, down with the curtain!
No light shall shine upon me
Hush, step off my throne!
For you shall touch me not
Halt with the quake!
I must not be dethroned!

I met a beauty in heaven
Yet you made it hell!
Lower your voice, my dear
You frightened all the angels!
I begged them to stay
But you made them taking wings!

I was in a city, my dear
That was ruled by a loving queen
And the people were joyful
And unbelievably loyal

The queen was never cruel
Yet she had her grants
She slept on the centre of a cloud
And floated up in the sky
She could sense the summer breeze
That moved her bed along the way
To gaze upon the cattles underneath
And the green field of grass
Where her people's children
Sang her a soothing folk song
And that queen was me

So never wake me
Let me dream
And die in peace

Minggu, 02 November 2014

Cantabille (Aaron's poem about Genevieve)

"How about me, Aaron?" Her voice explained her hidden intention.
"You?" His eyebrows raised.
"I asked you to make a poem about Elle, now what about me? Can you....make a poem about me?" She showed her shy nature.
"You like it when I do that, eh?" Aaron let out a gentle laugh. He took his dear Margaret and his finger started to dance with her. Through a gliding bow on a string, Genevieve could hear a lovely sound of music, which she recognized as Paganini's classical piece.

Cantabille (Aaron's poem about Genevieve)

Is it so peculiar to say?
That I find beauty in her complication?

What dwells in her mind
Never fails to make me wonder
She was one of a kind
For I can not keep my sight off her

Her words and thoughts were a bliss
That no other one can tell
Her sweet smile was my wish
Everytime I went through hell

She is sensitive, I must say
Which made me has a friend to babble around
She always wanders along the way
But does she want to be found?

I always admire
How she doesn't need the aid of a man
I also admire
How she works, how independent

She taught me to see
The even smallest light in the dark
She is a precious, precious gem to me
And how I miss it everytime we lark

She sees everything I look not
A kindness that stays within
A joy that's buried deep
A purity of one's intention
A pulchritude in a dying hope
A brilliant perceiver, she is

Sometimes I wonder
What am I to her?
The other times I ponder
Am I worthy of her?

Girl with flaxen hair (Aaron's poem about Elle)

"Can't you make a poem?" Genevieve hid her excitement, yet sounded challenging to the young violinist's ears.
"No, I only do music, I don't do poems..." Aaron turned down the challenge, letting out a small chuckle.
"Off course you can, try Elle..."
"Yeah! Try making a poem about her. What do you think of Elle?"

Girl with flaxen hair (Aaron’s poem about Elle)

A wonderful maiden she is
A brilliant mind of wits she has
A savior for my dark days
And an angel for a lonely boy

She brought miracles to my life
She taught me how to stand up and rise
It is no one but me who is impressed
By the truth that I have been blessed

Screw the rhymes; I’m not good at poems
But her presence makes me think the other way
That her presence is like, the complicated, lovely lines of symphony
Which sounds at its finest when she enters the room

She is a terrific scientist
An enormous thinker
A dearest friend
And will always be “the girl”