Minggu, 02 November 2014

Girl with flaxen hair (Aaron's poem about Elle)

"Can't you make a poem?" Genevieve hid her excitement, yet sounded challenging to the young violinist's ears.
"No, I only do music, I don't do poems..." Aaron turned down the challenge, letting out a small chuckle.
"Off course you can, try Elle..."
"Yeah! Try making a poem about her. What do you think of Elle?"

Girl with flaxen hair (Aaron’s poem about Elle)

A wonderful maiden she is
A brilliant mind of wits she has
A savior for my dark days
And an angel for a lonely boy

She brought miracles to my life
She taught me how to stand up and rise
It is no one but me who is impressed
By the truth that I have been blessed

Screw the rhymes; I’m not good at poems
But her presence makes me think the other way
That her presence is like, the complicated, lovely lines of symphony
Which sounds at its finest when she enters the room

She is a terrific scientist
An enormous thinker
A dearest friend
And will always be “the girl”

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