Selasa, 04 November 2014

Lazy Girl

Nay, down with the curtain!
No light shall shine upon me
Hush, step off my throne!
For you shall touch me not
Halt with the quake!
I must not be dethroned!

I met a beauty in heaven
Yet you made it hell!
Lower your voice, my dear
You frightened all the angels!
I begged them to stay
But you made them taking wings!

I was in a city, my dear
That was ruled by a loving queen
And the people were joyful
And unbelievably loyal

The queen was never cruel
Yet she had her grants
She slept on the centre of a cloud
And floated up in the sky
She could sense the summer breeze
That moved her bed along the way
To gaze upon the cattles underneath
And the green field of grass
Where her people's children
Sang her a soothing folk song
And that queen was me

So never wake me
Let me dream
And die in peace

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