Minggu, 09 November 2014

The Time

The paddles were of biscuits
I was relaxing and paddling
A sailing marshmallow
On a chocolate lake

Let me be inside
And my thoughts content me
If ye knock, I will bite
Nothing alive shall touch me

Hush! Hush it!
Don't you hear?
The obnoxious drums in my ears?
Aye! halt your breathing!

Why do God punish me?
I sought no men, nor touch one
I should be awarded!
Yet He crushed my body instead
I'm on the verge of death!

I could not stop the bleeding
I will pull the trigger
My day is very tiring
I will have my eighth dinner

I shall be in charge
Of every human being
There you must go, have no heart!
For no one had done things right

This is what comes to a lady
And makes her a ferocious fury

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