Minggu, 21 Desember 2014

Pleasure of Love (Plaisir D'amour)

I tried making an english version of a french song called "Plaisir D'amour". It's basically about how love is such a misery blah blah blah, but anyway, I'm in love with the melody. Especially, the cover of this song by acapella group King's singers. Enjoy.
Pleasure of Love
Pleasure of love lasts only a moment,
The pain of love last for a lifetime.
You have left me for beautiful Sylvie,
And she’s leaving you for another.
Pleasure of love lasts only a moment,
The pain of love lasts a lifetime.
"As long as this water will run gently
Towards this brook which borders the meadow
I will love you", Sylvie told you repeatedly.
The water still runs, but she has changed forever
Pleasure of love lasts only a moment, The pain of love last for a lifetime.
The pain of love will lasts a lifetime

Selasa, 16 Desember 2014


Just today, I tried making a poem about Ophelia's confusement and how she goes mad. Probably not my best work, but, what the hell, I tried anyway.

By Yvonna Faust

How far will you go?
For the uncherished mystery
Of the kindless and temporary

The autumn paints
The colour of my hair
He hath no gain
For the lady of fair

An angel am I?
Who plays with daisies
And hums lullabies
About a man who cares for
And a man who cared for
I dare not

Mad, is he?
Shouting scorns at his lover
Yet he won't witness
The viciousness of his own
How vivid!
I dare not.

How far will you go?
For the uncherished mystery
Of the kindless and temporary

Nay, Nay father!
Choked did he? wailing was he?
He forgot, did he? He laughed, did he?
No soul was there to look!
I dare not!

How far will you go?
For the uncherished mystery
Of the kindless and temporary

No one was me
No one was him
I'm no mad
I dare not!!

They left, did they? with please, did they?
Smothered, did she? Dead, did she?
I care not!
For I dare not!!!

How far will you go?
For love?

Senin, 15 Desember 2014


Ass. Wr. Wb
Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sarah Hawun Ratuharati of SMAN 17 Surabaya. I would like to deliver my speech about tourism and economy.

As some of you might have known, there is a plan to integrate regional economy between the members of ASEAN, or Associations of South East Asian Nations. All of these countries, including Indonesia will soon cooperate to maintain each other’s financial stability. Then shall come a community with the name of The ASEAN Economic Community or simply called AEC. That shall be a right movement to strengthen the ASEAN economy even further.
Some of you might wonder, what is this AEC? And how does this have something to do with Indonesia? So, I will explain it to you. Indonesia buys products by importing from another country of ASEAN and exports the national products to be sold to another countries. Every time we sell things by using a foreign currency, we receive money, which will eventually go into the country’s savings. The savings, if used correctly, will bring prosperity to the country.
Off course, our country has another source of  income and doesn't just exports mines and spices. Indonesia is known for its pulchritude of its nature and its cultural diversity, which will attract curious people to go to our country. We can use this as an advantage to strengthen our position in AEC. Tourism, everybody! the answer is tourism.
Let's take Bali as an example. Bali is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. And not just beaches, we still have mountains, lakes, parks, waterfalls, everything the nature has given to us. To us, to our motherland. But, we still have to broaden our knowledge about the places we could use as a tourist destination. From then, we can gain profits from the tourism activity. Thus, tourism will empower and also prepares this country in facing the future economic community. If more tourists come to the country and they are charged by tax, it will increase the country's income and the tax will be the profit. Then, the country's savings can be used to manage the national infrastructure.
See, our country doesn’t have to be an autarky. It's perfectly ok to compete in financial matters, as long as it's healthy. And every time there is an activity that involves exporting and importing, we unconsciously has built trust. So, we cooperate to achieve a similar goal. While we export goods, they come to our country in return. It's a symbiotic relationship. And tourism is the key.
Tourism is useful in many aspects. Other than the greens, tourism can be used to broaden knowledge of the tourist so that they will be more familiar with our culture. As you might have known, culture also attracts foreigners.

Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Funny MBTI test results :D

These are all intended for humour and by all means to entertain, readers should not take these results seriously. Not all introverts are like this, nor all extroverts are also like this. Yes, I am aware that the cognitive functions in every type are different. So I'll remind you once more that this post is a mere fun.

For all of you who haven't know your type yet, take the test here for free :

I decided to make a result intended for my and my sister sense of humour. The results are :

Extrovert (E) : An obnoxiously loud
Introvert (I) : A gravely silent
Sensing (S) : Realist
Intuiting (N) : Psychic
Thinking (T) : who is an unnecessarily logical
Feeling (F) : who is an unnecessarily sensitive
Judging (J) : Neat-freak
Perceiving (P) : Slacker

I'm an INFP, so I'm a gravely silent psychic who is an unnecessarily sensitive slacker :)))

Now you can identify your temperament. According to Keirsey, the 16 mbti types can be divided to four temperaments which are Analyst/Rationals (xNTx), Guardian (xSxJ), Idealist (xNFx) and Artisan (xSxP). Here's my version of the results:

Guardian (SJ) : Authoritarian "Servant"
Idealist (NF) : Useless Dreamer
Artisan (SP) : Chronic YOLO-er
Analyst (NT) : Reckless Smartass

I'm an INFP, so I'm a useless dreamer :)))

Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

Resident Evil 4-inspired photoshoot

I'll post two pictures of Ada Wong because I simply think she's awesome :D

Leon S. Kennedy

(Annoying) Ashley Graham

Ada Wong 

Ingrid Hunnigan

Albert Wesker

Jack Krauser

Luis Sera

The Merchant

A female Ganado?