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Funny MBTI test results :D

These are all intended for humour and by all means to entertain, readers should not take these results seriously. Not all introverts are like this, nor all extroverts are also like this. Yes, I am aware that the cognitive functions in every type are different. So I'll remind you once more that this post is a mere fun.

For all of you who haven't know your type yet, take the test here for free :

I decided to make a result intended for my and my sister sense of humour. The results are :

Extrovert (E) : An obnoxiously loud
Introvert (I) : A gravely silent
Sensing (S) : Realist
Intuiting (N) : Psychic
Thinking (T) : who is an unnecessarily logical
Feeling (F) : who is an unnecessarily sensitive
Judging (J) : Neat-freak
Perceiving (P) : Slacker

I'm an INFP, so I'm a gravely silent psychic who is an unnecessarily sensitive slacker :)))

Now you can identify your temperament. According to Keirsey, the 16 mbti types can be divided to four temperaments which are Analyst/Rationals (xNTx), Guardian (xSxJ), Idealist (xNFx) and Artisan (xSxP). Here's my version of the results:

Guardian (SJ) : Authoritarian "Servant"
Idealist (NF) : Useless Dreamer
Artisan (SP) : Chronic YOLO-er
Analyst (NT) : Reckless Smartass

I'm an INFP, so I'm a useless dreamer :)))

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