Senin, 19 Januari 2015


By Yvonna Faust

Our minds are everywhere
Even so, our hearts stay the same

Golds, races, honours are what we after
Or commiting a done that pleases father
Begging, tempting, like a child to its mother
We never mind poverty as long as we're together

They are old, wither and chuckle's dried
Amused for hours only to later expires
Yet never fail to unsmile a grief
Soon, a merry laughter is heard again

Some writhe in writings
Never dies when one's dying
Some destroys, some enjoys
Always a scholar while still a boy

Stories are carefully engraved
Deep within smiles or tears
Yet some never live long enough
To tell their amusing tales

At times heartless, but not kindless
Some sense awfully much and abandons reason
Too much to witness, some even did
Nonetheless, the lucky minds stay healthy

We rush in a very blind hurry while no one is coming after
We run from a very deaf diplomacy everytime a memory screams "murder!"

We enjoy a gentle touch that caresses the skin of our security, safe be kept
Followed by lips slither'd a beautiful neck, ended with a heavenly enjoyment and a long, tender kiss

They are shaken by wordly thoughts, bothered by unaltered desires
Mere pleasures were sought and worshipped, yet burdened by guilt when the hour fails come to promise
When it breaks the contract, answers every unprayers, unjudges every existence and unsigns every agreements
And mirrored what have been
Then, they shall have their peace

Yet humans, are what we remain to be
And they never fail to surprise me

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