Minggu, 15 Februari 2015

Behind the name of my blog

What is this? Who the hell came up with such a corny name as "The Lady of the moon"? What happened to the picture of running girl?

Okay, okay, first of all, I strongly believe that I'm not a 'lady', but I know that it is a politer way to say 'woman', in which I am. And the reason I chose the word moon is really simple.

Because I love moon. It's awesome.

It shines brightly when the sky is dark, outshining stars from its size. Even though it has holes on its surface, it still shines. Yet, what I most like from the moon is that, it is not shining everyday; like the sun does; and only shines the brightest if it's full, which only occurs once a month. It needs to go through days-long process to actually looks perfectly beautiful (not rushed overnight like the sun) and need another days to look imperfect (like, during an eclipse). Such a perfect craft of God, He must've put a lot of effort to it. It's like showing that the most beautiful thing comes with hell lots of struggle, and will not be taken away easily, and I believe that.

It's also because I wrote two poems that have something to do with moon (especially, the indonesian one, I kept thinking about that before adding the word 'moon' to my blog) and poems are my works that dominate my blog.

So, yeah, those are pretty much the reasons why I chose to make an alias of "The Lady of the Moon"

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