Senin, 23 Februari 2015


A poem about my frustration of fulfilling my own ideals while being skeptical because of reality.


"Nothing is truly mine"

One owns nobody
Bliss will never last
One can cry a plea
Soon it becomes a past

I'm incapable of
Caring, loving, missing
Kissing, hugging or fucking
Haha! I don't feel it

My ideas are killing me
My conscience lectures me
But why? Why should I listen?
I'm not gonna make it, anyway,


I'm numb
I'm dumb
For punishing self
But I'm clever
For continuing to

Why should I believe it?

Damn it,
I'm flawed!
Hopes, atrociously broken
And dreams be slain
Why should I think of that?


Despite of those, it's perfect
Because I'm alone

And I'm grateful for that.

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