Senin, 02 Maret 2015

Clouds (Pseudo-fairytale)

I post this on at first, then I decided to post it here since it is also one of my works.


T'was once a maiden, whose life was harmony
She lived in an undisturbed village, where the sun shone and the moon gleamed 
His people never denies, and carefully cares
For a path of green she walked on.
Her hair was the colour of a raven, her skin fair, and eyes brown like late autumn
A raven, she too seemed like
She hid and covered her own mystery, flying only when a life depends on a fate
And seek kindness no matter how deep the the evil lurks
Yet a beauty she remains, though she dressed in a shadow and mingled with the deaths.

Once upon a day, she wandered to the river
She brought her clothes to wash, ones which had been stained by the blood of past
Then, a strange man appeared which made the maiden startled, the clothes fell from her gentle fingers
"O, lady!" He hailed. "Ever long I live to never see a miracle, but now my own eyes surprises me."
Still, she remained, the man eyed her from head to toe,
"I've never seen such a perfect craft of God. I've never recognised a delicate sets of true bones of my breast." He praised
The man took a step towards her, yet the girl looked disturbed
Frightened was she, had she never seen the kinds of the husbands
"Goodness. I think I fall in love"
"If you fall, you must get up" The maiden replied with doubts.
"No! It's a terrific blow and I desire the pain. My body has given itself up to the ground, I will not raise from it nor will I regret that you have tripped me. I must be yours."
The man approached, kneeling before her.
"Marry me, madame"
"What for? What for?" She questioned.
"I will give your life joy. We will adore ourselves each and every day. I will smile at your pulchritude and compared it to no other."
"No." Sternly she replied. "Don't be ridiculous, I know you not, nor do I love you."
"I will spend my future to do so" 
"I'm sorry, young man. I can't" The maiden looked away. "The past taught us what to or not to do for our future. My past was grim, bloodied and cursed, I was trying to wash it away. Yet you have interrupted me, thus, I couldn't finish. You just made my future worse" 
And so was the tale of a maiden 
Who lost her future
Because a sudden proposal won't always be
A "happily ever after"

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