Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

The Chicken Truck

A dark joke poem I wrote, inspired by the real one I saw in the street of surabaya. I posted this on poetfreak under the title of "The Slaughterhouse Drive".

The Chicken Truck

What a bright day it was, early sunday morning
Yet that little beak couldn't even force a smile
Her head lowered, as if shamed or hopeless
Tears ran down her feathered face
Through the road, her fate was waiting

Her friends were chatty, oblivious
They were flirting with the uncaged roosters
"Crow! Crow!" He called back
Her friends giggled and said farewell

She was unable to comprehend
When humans took her unborn children
And feast for them at breakfast
She had never understood
Why her sister was their food
And her fellow feathered creatures were so happy
While they were marched into their unwanted deaths

Then, she squeezed herself out of the cage, and decided
She would take it no longer

She flew and crowed loud, the driver frightened
She drowned in psychotic rage and wounded him
The truck swerved to the other side, and crashed into a building.
She was thrown off to the road, her head was hit
Flapping her wings were useless to fly

Her eyes enclosed in peace, muttering satisfaction
That at least her death was done her own

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