Kamis, 30 April 2015

Baby blue

I had a big fight with my friend last week, so I went to the bookstore to calm myself down and let out some thoughts. One utility knife caught my attention, so I bought it. I'm fascinated by how lovely the colour is and how sharp the blade is that it cut me accidentally after I handled it incorrectly, then this happened.

Baby blue
Day was young, I wandered purposelessly
Finding something unexist, unloved by my choices
Yet my worries had drawn me to you
My baby blue

Your edge is sharp, shone sliver in the noon light
Surface smooth , delicately painted royal blue
People consider your beauty a fright
But appealing for my loving colour hue

You wounded me, you've hurted me
Your blade is hideous
You're corrupted but lovely
And you're waiting to kill

You're thirsty
For human blood
You're hungry
For human flesh

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