Selasa, 23 Juni 2015


I got inspired by this after I watched GoT season finale..I still can't believe that Jon is dead :'DD....though I made a parody of Jon Snow's death and had fun replicating the scene with my sister, I decided to write a poem to express my 'condolences' for Jon Snow. It basically to tell the readers to have hopes after they suffer, and I intentionally made it GoT-themed.

Memories will summon the dark
As stars are inexist in awhile
Will every scream be unharked
And feed its torturous smile

Suns will be dimmed,
and quaked will the land we stand upon
Crescents will be grim
and glories of men will be unwon

City will remain a smoke-unbeknowst
White omens will walk in evenings
For the throne of iron
Shall serve no king

Cling onto me, o brothers and sisters
For I am the fire of your ice
And I am the watcher of your nights

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