Senin, 16 November 2015

Works in progress

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything in ages!
I've been extremely busy these past months (because I'm in third grade..that means bye-bye creative works and hello sciences T__T)
But here are a sneak peek for my next update:

1.) I've been writing a comedy-fantasy (sci-fi?) Story in called "Dude, did that girl just fall from the sky?". It's currently in progress, but I promise I will update whenever I have the time. Check it out :

2.) I'm also writing a dark comedy indonesian two-persons play called "Perkara Diambang Kehidupan". It's light, goofy, juvenile kind of discussions about a serious topic like death.

3.) Also, I've been writing a Hindu-Buddha era inspired play, but I haven't finished it yet. I don't know if I can finish it soon since the creative streak for this work is really rare (or maybe I'm just very bad in indo lit, well)

I haven't been able to write poems kinda saddens me...but hey, I got 63 on Physics and I did it all by myself, how fucking cool is that? (Which exceeds my expectations, since I usually got 30s or 40s for Physics, lol).

So maybe thats all for now. This post actually serves as a reminder for me about what works should be my priority.

See you soon, non existent readers~

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