Minggu, 13 November 2016

Me as anime character

This is the closest I can get for an anime avatar to look like me (minus the cat ears) 

Jumat, 04 November 2016

Gilda impression xD

Lol so random xD

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

NH women as anime characters

Lol just playing around with avatar.
Elle (First NH)
Elle (Second NH)
Genevieve (First NH)
Genevieve (Second NH)
Rhea (Second NH)

Bonus : Azura the youth fairy (Not in NH, just an OC hahaha)

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2016



huis with monkeys and psychos
Uap uap no more
Dat time sing driver mambari muar ulun kda bisa bekuciak buka pintu

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2016

Kuntilanak xD

I wrote this poem when I was having an insomnia during my 3-month 'vacation'. I couldn't sleep and when I looked out my bedroom window I imagined a ghost staring at me, and that was how I got my idea to write this silly poem.


Hai hai rupa menawan, ujarnya
Suara merdu nan elok parasnya, pujinya
Katanya saya tak mampu menerka
Namun, ia sangat nyata

Hai hai sang sekar suci
Yang mata indahnya bersinar malam dini
Terang cokelat kemerahan dan cahaya putih asri

Dan wangi melati

Dan bekas luka di seluruh jasmani

Selamat malam, dara cantik
Kenapa menatap ngeri?

Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

Narrative text example : Twinkle the little star

Once upon the time, a galaxy bore yet another star into the sky. The star's light was never the brightest, it was dusty with a tint of cyan. He was neither famous nor lame at first and yet his name exists within folklores and songs, hence everyone knew his name. The star name was Twinkle.

He was absolutely flattered to discover that almost everyone knew his name, due to having such a common name. He was also very fond of the children of the earth who likes to sing his name before they went adrift to dreams. But one day, one of his friends sang the very famous song, with his name on it,  and soon it turned into an infamous mockery.

"Twinkle, Twinkle little star!" Insulted his friends cruelly.

Thus, he was later said to be small. But never had he actually been. One mockery triggered the others to do similar to him, turning his favourite song into a condemnatory. And too long had he lived in everyone's word. Too much had he thought of himself, that he later believed what people had told him.

So, one day the heartbroken little star could bare the teases no longer and ran away to the sky of oceans. He looked down and witnessed his own reflection, and broke down in tears.

"Twinkle, Twinkle, ....little star
How I wonder...what you are?" The poor, poor star questioned himself, singing to himself for sheer comfort, clouded by aging loneliness and despair.

"Up above the sky, so high...
Like a diamond...in the sky," His grief slowly ceased to be, and he smiled at the last verse.

And so the tears stopped flowing, the grief turned into relief and how he looked at himself changed forever. Then, he pulled himself up high, murdered the plea of pity that lied unrest, wiped away his tears and grinned. And smiling was he, and boy did he ever laugh as happily, once he knew that the song was never at all a mockery. With a proud tongue and a new confidence he then sang :

"Twinkle, Twinkle,...
I'm a little star
But I'm too
A diamond of the sky!"

Selasa, 12 April 2016

A poem to celebrate my freedom

So anyway, I have just gone through the  "computer based national examination" (UNBK). This is a poem to celebrate my freedom, haha, but I hope I can get a good result for my tests.

New Beginings
My journey's end has yet come near
My time is vague, yet my aims be rought
Life's tensions that made me shed a tear
Never murdered my happiness I have sought

Beyond bloodied arms and lost hours
There lays humane tries and Godly aids
Though my childhood may have gone sour
I am but a curious child unable to wait

Victors are what we are
Ones whose smiles lit up dooms of the day
Ones whose passion like summers in the midMay

And my friends, remember what you’ve been told
If one day you have chosen your path anew
“To my mind I must be bold
To my heart I must be true”

Then with our merry hearts we sing
To welcome all the new beginings

Jumat, 12 Februari 2016

Never Happened characters quiz

1.) You are walking on your way home and you see an old lady has some trouble with her shopping bag. Then she stumbles and falls. Her groceries are all over the ground. You :
a. Exclaim in surprise "Oh my god, mam, are you okay?" then rush to help her.
b. Rush to help her and offer to carry all of her shopping bag.
c. Wait for someone else to help her. If there's no one who help her, then you will go.
d. Help her while trying to make her comfortable, like making a silly joke like "Wow mam, the streets seems hungry today"

2.) Your father has promised to go out for birthday dinner for you. But, on your way, the car he's driving has run out of gas. The nearest place is the library and you are asked to wait there. You :
a. Say "okay" and get into the library. Then you read some cookbooks to relieve your hunger.
b. Get into the library and wait, duh!
c. Agreed. You have a homework to do, anyway
d. Say "Yummy! Books are delicious!"

3.) You are driving a car and suddenly a cat is passing in front of your car. You :
a. Screamed and quickly hit the brake. Then you look for the cat from the windshield to make sure it's fine.
b. Hit the brake but you don't freak out. Then you make sure that the cat is fine.
c. Screamed but you don't stop the car.
d. Surprised and swerve to avoid the cat while laughing at yourself.

4.)  You are watching a movie at the cinema and there is a kid sitting next to you. When the sad scene comes, the kid suddenly cries on your shoulder. You :
a. Stay still and maybe hold his hand. You don't know what to do.
b. Ask "What's wrong?" then tries to entertain him. This'll make a good story to tell
c. Why would I watch sad movies?
d. Bribe him with candy. You don't like seeing people sad.

5.) You are playing catch with your bestfriend. It's your turn to catch and your bestfriend accidentally throw the ball through your neighbour's window until it shatters to pieces. Your neighbour walks out of his house and yelled "WHOSE BALL IS THIS?". You :
a. Feel scared at first, but then you and your bestfriend apologizes. During the talk you two are not blaming each other. The next day you send him money to repair the damage.
b. say "I'm very sorry, sir...I'll pay for the damage" and you sacrifice your savings to be responsible.
c. Trick the owner into thinking that it wasn't your but it is your bestfriend's fault (so you don't have to spend *your* money)
d. RUUUUN!!!!
Then sneak some money and apology letter for the damage in your neighbour's mailbox.

7.) What subject do you enjoy the most?
a. Biology, English, History, anything that doesn't require counting.
b. Chemistry, Physics, Math, Economy. Might be useful in life, you have to prepare it from now on.
c. All science subjects, philosophy, anything that challenges your intelligence
d. Music, Art, English, anything that boosts your creativity

8.) How do you react if your bestfriend accidentally shoots your mom with a shotgun?
a. Freezes. In denial. You'll call an ambulance. You'll forgive your bestfriend eventually, but you will make sure that she/he will never touch a shotgun again.
b. Performs first aid and calls an ambulance. You're angry with your bestfriend for the rest of your life. It's your mother!
c. Calls ambulance first then tend to her. Then provide a fake criminal record so that she/he will never own a gun again. Ever.
d. Mad at her/him and rushed your mom to hospital. You'll make a cynical joke about it later.

9.) From question number one, why did you help the old lady?
a. ....because kindness is the most powerful thing?
b. Because she's old. And I'm young. It's the norm to help.
c. Because she's in front of me!
d. Because she seems upset, and I want to make her happy.

10.) You are invited to a party. Where do people usually find you?
a. In a small group of your bestfriends/family member.
b. Talking to (almost) everyone. But mostly you tell a story about yourself.
c. In the corner with your book.
d. Everyone can notice you because you dance like crazy

11.) (Let's hope that this one is never going to happen in the future). Your plane has crashed on a beach. Everybody survives, but now the passenger must be evacuated outside because the plane is going to drown. You :
a. Help someone operate the emergency door and asked people to run away from the plane while you are running.
b. Ask people to stay calm and convince them that everything is going to be alright. Then you take charge to guide people to get out of the plane.
c. You look for the emergency door, then save yourself and your closest ones.
d. say "It's alright people! It's just a free swimming pool!" while sprinting with the others to safety

12.) You are at school. Your friends are talking about the existence of ghost. Your reaction is :
a. You are usually busy with yourself but once you hear about the ghost you let out a laugh but stop once people glare at you.
b. Say "As long as we don't disturb them, they won't disturb us"
c. Think "It's weird of how only people who believe in ghost are the ones who had ever seen it"
d. Say "perhaps it was in (a boring subject that you hate) class for too long?"

13.) When you tell someone a story, what is it about?
a. Something, somehow poetic. But has a very deep meaning and symbolism.
b. Your achievements and past events that involves you
c. Something that you strive to do or that can be improved
d. Something that inspires and entertains them at the same time

14.) You have prepared for an upcoming show. Then at the day it's happening, the show suddenly has to stop. What's your reaction?
a. Panic, then tried to calm down. The show mattered to me, and we can't go back, the show HAS to go on!
b. Stay calm and take charge to do everything you can. If there's a chance of the show to go on, then you'll keep it from stopping. If there's realistically none, you'll stop it.
c. Analyzes why there is a chance for the show to stop.Then you use the previous data to predict if the show has any chance, if it has none, you'll stop the show (though you will be very,very disappointed). If it has, you visualize what must be done then execute it into your actions.
d. There is always a chance of continuing, if I am smart enough I 'll take that chance. But if the show has to stop, at least we had fun :).

15.) You are commanded to kill a person. Your reaction :
a. I can't take away someone's life without knowing why! the person might still has a bit of kindness in him/her. Besides, who the hell dares to command me??!!!
b. If the person has commited a serious crime, I'll do it.
c. If I don't know that person enough to kill him, why the hell shouldn't I?
d. "Hahahahaa!!!.....You're kidding, right? A REAL person?..oh, that's a yes?...why? what did he do to deserve that? why are you so mean? :("

Mostly A
You are Genevieve Wasdworth
You are somewhat reserved and observant individual who pays attention to your surroundings. You don't know some of the society norms and believe that the world can be a better place (This is why you help people). Despite your clumsiness, it doesn't stop you from helping anybody. You are shy but actually is a caring person. You're probably idealistic and believe that there's always a good thing in everything. You do not realize of how great you can be.You are the helper in the group.

Mostly C
You are Elle Pelham
You are logical and know some things more than everyone else do. You are not interested in social situation, this sometimes can make you selfish. You prefer things to make sense and practical. You don't usually do things first, you let everyone go first. You only talk to your closest friend or someone worth talking to. You don't like drama (in real life). You do not want to get into somebody else's business. You are the thinker in a group.

Mostly B
You are Kyle Wasdworth
You are "everyone's favourite guardian" and full of responsibilities. You give everyone a sense of security and comfort. You are protective of someone you love. You have good manners because you cling onto traditions and orders. You are charismatic and confident, but you can be arrogant sometimes. You act as the parental figure in the group.

Mostly D
You are Aaron Stuart
You are witty and like making someone else laugh, even when the joke's on you. Physical disability doesn't stop you from pursuing your talent. You are confident and always ready to perform. You are always trying to make someone else happy, even when you're not. You might have a haunting past and this is usually the reason why you laugh so much. You want everyone else's life to be happier than yours. You are the entertainer in the group.

Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016


I haven't written a poem for months and this is what I came up with (UNAS is a shitty life ruiner man)

O hail to the divine strength
That made the summer wind be harken'd
And the winter warmth be felt
And the unmagical world be done miracles
And made beauty of natures sing a melody
But also bears the sins of men
And dooms the losts to ruins
Yet still gift a living promise

Everyone, every last one of humans
Shall remain in their duty undisturbed

Be the lovers of peace, the dreamers of tomorrow
The councillors of fear, the breakers of dawn
Or the children of seven skies and the bastards of light
The curers of the dumbs and the messengers of faith
Shall remain in their worldly presence,
Unbothered by demands and be granted a freedom
Entitled to their rights and wrongs

He may not be a direct King
And exists in our each own perceptions
And bridges our unanswered speculations
And all of them made true, by simply believing.

With His mighty hand, the world shift'd
And us be aware of one's decisions
He lingers in human's greatest gift
Conscience, intelligence, kindness and honesty

For many things may be unholy
Yet, as all they are, are still Godly