Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016


I haven't written a poem for months and this is what I came up with (UNAS is a shitty life ruiner man)

O hail to the divine strength
That made the summer wind be harken'd
And the winter warmth be felt
And the unmagical world be done miracles
And made beauty of natures sing a melody
But also bears the sins of men
And dooms the losts to ruins
Yet still gift a living promise

Everyone, every last one of humans
Shall remain in their duty undisturbed

Be the lovers of peace, the dreamers of tomorrow
The councillors of fear, the breakers of dawn
Or the children of seven skies and the bastards of light
The curers of the dumbs and the messengers of faith
Shall remain in their worldly presence,
Unbothered by demands and be granted a freedom
Entitled to their rights and wrongs

He may not be a direct King
And exists in our each own perceptions
And bridges our unanswered speculations
And all of them made true, by simply believing.

With His mighty hand, the world shift'd
And us be aware of one's decisions
He lingers in human's greatest gift
Conscience, intelligence, kindness and honesty

For many things may be unholy
Yet, as all they are, are still Godly