Selasa, 12 April 2016

A poem to celebrate my freedom

So anyway, I have just gone through the  "computer based national examination" (UNBK). This is a poem to celebrate my freedom, haha, but I hope I can get a good result for my tests.

New Beginings
My journey's end has yet come near
My time is vague, yet my aims be rought
Life's tensions that made me shed a tear
Never murdered my happiness I have sought

Beyond bloodied arms and lost hours
There lays humane tries and Godly aids
Though my childhood may have gone sour
I am but a curious child unable to wait

Victors are what we are
Ones whose smiles lit up dooms of the day
Ones whose passion like summers in the midMay

And my friends, remember what you’ve been told
If one day you have chosen your path anew
“To my mind I must be bold
To my heart I must be true”

Then with our merry hearts we sing
To welcome all the new beginings