Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

Narrative text example : Twinkle the little star

Once upon the time, a galaxy bore yet another star into the sky. The star's light was never the brightest, it was dusty with a tint of cyan. He was neither famous nor lame at first and yet his name exists within folklores and songs, hence everyone knew his name. The star name was Twinkle.

He was absolutely flattered to discover that almost everyone knew his name, due to having such a common name. He was also very fond of the children of the earth who likes to sing his name before they went adrift to dreams. But one day, one of his friends sang the very famous song, with his name on it,  and soon it turned into an infamous mockery.

"Twinkle, Twinkle little star!" Insulted his friends cruelly.

Thus, he was later said to be small. But never had he actually been. One mockery triggered the others to do similar to him, turning his favourite song into a condemnatory. And too long had he lived in everyone's word. Too much had he thought of himself, that he later believed what people had told him.

So, one day the heartbroken little star could bare the teases no longer and ran away to the sky of oceans. He looked down and witnessed his own reflection, and broke down in tears.

"Twinkle, Twinkle, ....little star
How I wonder...what you are?" The poor, poor star questioned himself, singing to himself for sheer comfort, clouded by aging loneliness and despair.

"Up above the sky, so high...
Like a diamond...in the sky," His grief slowly ceased to be, and he smiled at the last verse.

And so the tears stopped flowing, the grief turned into relief and how he looked at himself changed forever. Then, he pulled himself up high, murdered the plea of pity that lied unrest, wiped away his tears and grinned. And smiling was he, and boy did he ever laugh as happily, once he knew that the song was never at all a mockery. With a proud tongue and a new confidence he then sang :

"Twinkle, Twinkle,...
I'm a little star
But I'm too
A diamond of the sky!"